KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – Ecstasy Tour – Glasgow SWG3 (Concert Review)

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Kissin’ Dynamite; Hannes

Kissin’ Dynamite play Scotland for the first time

Kissin’ Dynamite came to Glasgow (SWG3) as support to Powerwolf. This was their first tour in the UK and their very first time in Scotland. From the chat I had with drummer Andi Schnitzer earlier in the afternoon (still to come on this site) they were very fired up about playing here.

Fighting technical problems

At exactly 17:40 (really!) they hit the stage. Pleasingly even although there was such an early start there was a decent crowd in. Bounding onto the stage with great energy they kicked the set off with the opening song of the latest album (Ecstasy) “I’ve Got The Fire“. However quite quickly it seemed like something was wrong. It didn’t seem as together as when I first saw them in Germany. Watching singer Hannes Braun close up you could see him looking quizzically at things. His lips were out of synch with what was coming out of the speakers. Now having been lucky to witness the soundcheck I knew that he was not miming as some were wondering. It was only after the song finished and he started chatting everyone could see that there was a delay on his voice. He spoke, the lips moved, and at least a couple of seconds later he came through the speakers. Apologizing for the sound problem they tried to keep going with the song I enjoyed early in the day “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” where the problem seemed to get worse.

Now some bands would have lost their way, or at least the audience, but not this lot! With Hannes admitting he wasn’t aware he was going to go into comedy as he laughed and joked with the crowd. At that point, he explained that there would be a short break whilst they closed down the mixing desk and rebooted it. Again the band showed their skill by pretend strip teases and general silliness. What was lovely was the Glasgow crowd seemed to react to their determination to perform and not let anyone down. Everyone wanted them to succeed and do their set without any more hitches.

Kissin Dynamite; Steffen and Ande

Winning through

There was a massive cheer when they came back on and a look of utter relief followed by huge smiles all round when the vocals were not delayed and they could do their show. I think it was “Sex Is War” they kicked into and by god did they look more determined than ever. They ran around, headbanged furiously and generally threw themselves around whilst belting the songs out.

Kissin’ Dynamite are blessed in having strong melodies and anthemic choruses (something they definitely share a connection with the headliners).  With songs like “Love Me, Hate Me”, “You’re Not Alone” and the more theatrical “I Will Be King” they had plenty of folk clapping along, arm waving and singing choruses as well as chanting along with any “woahs” that came along.  Hannes introduced “You’re Not Alone” by dedicating it to all of us who supported them through the problems at the start (as he said “That has never happened in 11 years of gigging“) declaring himself happy at their being “no delay now“.

Final thoughts

Glasgow SWG3 was a show I don’t think the band themselves will forget, as will most of us that were there. From the jaws of disaster (not of the band’s making), they achieved victory. Without a doubt, they made many friends and I think quite a number of new fans. They also warmed the crowd up as the opening band which again is a support band’s job. Personally, I look forward to seeing them headline on their own right in Scotland. Preferably with a different mixing desk!

Setlist (as best remembered) 1. I’ve Got The Fire; 2. Somebody’s Gotta To Do It; 3. Sex Is War; 4. Love Me, Hate Me; 5. Waging War; 6. You’re Not Alone; 7. I will Be King; 8. Flying Colours




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