KRYPTOS – Burn Up the Night (Sept 30, 2016)

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KryptosBurn Up The Night is the fourth album by Kryptos featuring amazing 80’s throwback cover art by Mattias Frisk, renowned for his stunning work with occult rockers Ghost. The album is packed with steely riffs and twin guitar melodies straight out of the glory days of 80’s metal and the NWOBHM movement. With a rasping vocal attack and a gritty, street-ready production, Burn Up The Night is the ultimate sound of battle jackets, spikes, and leather. It’s old school or no school. (from Amazon)

Kryptos is a heavy metal band from Bangalore, India, formed in 1998 by Nolan Lewis (vocals/guitars) and Ganesh K. (bassist). They have long been considered to be one of the true spearheads of the Indian metal revolution upholding the old school metal ethos laid down by the 80’s NWOBHM/Thrash movements. Since their inception, the band has released three albums. Spiral Ascent in 2004, The Ark of Gemini in 2008 through OSM Records, California and The Coils of Apollyon in 2013 through AFM Records, Germany. (from Wikipedia)

2016 promises to be a breakout year for the band with the imminent release of their fourth album through AFM Records, entitled Burn Up The Night. With stunning 80’s cover art by Mattias Frisk and a bare-knuckles approach, the album brings back the glory days of heavy metal with razor-sharp riffs, screaming solos and a raging twin guitar attack. Trends may come and go, but Kryptos continue to reinforce the old-school ethos that they proudly swear by.

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