The Last Vegas – Eat me (Album Review)

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imageThis is actually my first review of a band I have actually had some prior knowledge of, and a band that I enjoy listening to so I am already anticipating good things. The Last Vegas are a hard rock band from Chicago with glam, punk, and sleaze influences all exhibited in their music. The band are made up of Chad Cherry (lead vocals), John Wator (guitar), Adam Arling (guitar), Danny Smash (bass), and Nate Arling (drums). The new album from The Last Vegas, Eat Me, is set to drop March 18, 2016, on AFM Records.

imageEat Me starts off with “Bloodthirsty”, a great start with sleazy vocals and dirty guitars, “Here We Go Again” following suit. “Universe & You” is a slow song but stays with the bluesy sleaze influences while “Hot Fudge” has my foot tapping again in a really great track. “Along for the Ride” slows things down again but is a really well-done song and really catchy. “Voodoo Woman” is another great song with the distorted vocals that just mixes it up nicely. “Love’s Got Nothing On Me” slows it down again, but I like it. The Last Vegas do the slower songs well. “Hard to Get Over (You’re So)” is another bluesy song like the London Quireboys while “To Be Treated” speeds up again and you’re back in that sleazy club. “Anything It Takes” keeps that feeling going. We finish with “From Hell” which is OK, not my favorite.

Overall I feel that The Last VegasEat Me album, to be honest, is a good enough album, but I am slightly let down somehow. Maybe I need to spin it a few more times.

Mark 6.5 out of 10


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