Leather Snake show review by Blair De Abreu

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Show review: Leather Snake

Oct. 3 – 2015: Norma Jeans, London, Ontario

The poster/website/facebook taglines to “sell” the show & band are: “coming at’cha live” & “leather, licks, n’ hairspray trixx”. Ok, I am sold!
Having seen Leather Snake once before, I was already sold on their show and song selection. They represent bands with high hair, spandex and/or leather clothing, excessive make-up, excessive everything really. Skid Row, Whitesnake, Van Halen, Judas Priest, Metallica, Poison, KISS, IMG_20151003_210530Motley Crue….you get the drift and if you know me it is a perfect mix of hair metal and metal metal.

The night is all about fun. A stage with pentagram covered double bass drums, stacks of Marshall’s and 2 blow up dolls.
How serious can this be? Well I can tell you, while the music is fun and a party atmosphere these guys are terrific musicians. Paul, on lead guitar not only has a ton of fun on stage he pulls off every riff perfectly. Tim on bass is constantly smiling, killing it on backing vocals and bass. John on vocals hits every range of notes and leads the party. As they have been through a few drummers I am not sure who was drumming on this night however he did a fine bashing of skins.

I managed to talk to Paul and Tim after the show, forgive the quality it was after 2am and in a tiny change/stock room. Thanks guys. We start by finding out just how they became known as Leather Snake

As a side note, Paul and John are both in another originals band with one release out; Before The Damned, as you will hear in the interview as well. More along the metal side, worthwhile checking them out. Before The Damned

Tim plays in studio on the Steven R. Stunning solo project release Punk Rock Soldier, and also is the frontman for 63 Monroe, who I previously saw just a few weeks back and that review is here: 63 Monroe and KISS Pinball

So, if you have the opportunity to engage is some serious choice music, do yourself a favour, put your hair up or let it down. Find the make-up pencil and free yourself from the suit and tie guy. Put on that leather jacket, or pants, or both! This is Saturday night and in my book of lyrics it is not a night made for fighting, other than my right to party hearty! Enough 80’s nuances. Enjoy the video/interview and pics.

  • Blair De Abreu

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