LETTERS FROM THE FIRE – Worth the Pain (Album Review)


Letters from the FireLetters From the Fire is a hard rock outfit from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band returns with a new album (Worth the Pain) and a new singer (Alexa Kabazie).

The band has actually been around for a few years, initially going under the name Park Lane before making the switch to Letters From The Fire and releasing a self-titled EP in 2014. An interesting fact about this band is the switch of vocalist that occurred prior to the recording of Worth The Pain. Switches upfront happen all the time, but what makes Letters From The Fire unique is the fact that they made the switch from a male vocalist to female vocalist Alexa Kabazie.

Anyway I haven’t heard much about this band so I will just get on and review the album. The album opens with “Perfect Life” a great sound opens the record then bursts out a meaty riff followed by the gorgeous vocals and I am already thinking I like this a lot. There are lots of breakdowns and awesome musicianship on show. So we move onto “Mother Misery” which has a lovely acoustic start and mesmerizing vocals. So fresh sounding.

“Give In to Me” is next and wow what a riff that gets your head nodding in approval. Totally griping sound. “Bruised” slows it down and shows the other side to this band. How can you not like an acoustic guitar with some great female vocals? Really beautiful track.

“Live a Lie” gets things rocking once more and again my foot is tapping. I close my eyes it takes me to a live show with the crowd jumping up and down to this number. We quickly move onto “My Angel” which doesn’t lighten up at all, with a lovely chorus and lovely effect on the vocals.

“Last December” has some nice chunky riffs and truly sing along lyrics which have you trying to hit the high notes along with Alexa.

“Holy Ghost” has more great sounding riffs and there is nothing negative I can say about this band, so fresh and exciting. I love the vocals.

“At War” slows it down again this time with some lovely piano work which is still not out place on this album. “Control” has some great lyrics and lots of effects with the outlying great metal guitars bonding it all together.

“Worth the Pain” is a monster of a track and again, so good. “Scars” is another fabulous song which is as good as all the others. We finish up with “One Foot in the Grave”, a great way to close the album. Brilliant album guys, not one poor song and that doesn’t happen often!

I don’t know what to say, what a surprise! This was a fantastic album, so fresh, new sounding and heavy too. If you like female fronted rock bands this is for you. It’s new, brutal, yet catchy. If you like Dirty Youth or Skarlett Riot it’s along those lines and a must own in my opinion. A great album!

Mark 10 out of 10

Colin “Starchild” Francis

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFIOyNN5ZfQ[/embedyt]

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