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LIFECHANGER – Lifechanger (Album Review)


Although I listen to a bunch of European hard rock/metal bands, I don’t know a ton about the european music scene.  I do know that hard rock music still seems to be relevant and they have some outstanding bands lined up for their festivals.  Lifechanger, a new melodic hard rock band from the Netherlands, has just joined the mix.

Lifechanger by Lifechanger (Released Nov 2017, Lifechanger Records)

Produced by Wouter Smit, Peter Moltmaker and Gertjan Vis

Peter Moltmaker (vocals), Wouter Smit (guitar), Daan van Zelm (guitar), Miguel Corrales (bass) and Derek Krol (drums) are experienced musicians (everthing from musical theater to cover bands) who are trying to stake their claim by catering to the fans of 80s bands like Europe, Van Halen and Whitesnake.

The opening track “Information Overload” immediately hits you with this incredible piercing guitar tone that highlights the awesome production.  Great vocal overall, but would be a radio hit if it had those big Def Leppard backing vocals.  Excellent epic sounding opener.

Now You Know” and “Sara” continue to highlight the wonderful musicianship, but the lead vocal is definitely raw and dry.

The band puts down the guitars and drums with the piano filled “No Alibis”.  Peter’s powerful vocals definitely shine on this track.  The orchesteral overtones put this song over the top.

Lifeline” is the first song where you hear some harmonized vocals.  It starts acappella, but then the backing vocals are stifled in the chorus.  The guitar part (in the chorus) was a cool idea and added needed flavor.

The last three tracks, “Waste Of Time”, “Feel Free” and  “Lifechanger”, all have the same good and the same bad for me.  The Good: Music is aggressive and edgy. The Bad: Vocal melodies don’t exactly fit the aggressiveness of the riffs.

Final thoughts…Music (and musicianship) is outstanding!  Vocal melodies are a little raw for my taste and, in my opinion, need a little more pop sensibility.  This band has the talent to cater to the 80’s fans and have some solid rock radio hits, but they are a Michael Wagener, Desmond Child, Mutt Lange, Ron Nevison or Beau Hill away from achieving that.

Lifechanger will be performing live at various European festivals and venues in 2018. Give this CD a listen and go support live music!

Thanks for reading.  Pooni out!

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