LIGHTFOLD – Deathwalkers (April 5, 2019)

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Lightfold - DeathwalkersLife and death; the two opposing states that are the essence of everything. Since humanity developed the power to reason, to question and wonder we have searched for the meaning in life and the secrets that lie beyond the grave. Is there a purpose to the pain and loss that so often defines our existence? Do the answers that will make sense of everything lie beyond the cold soil, the incinerating fire, the unfathomable darkness? Hailing from Athens, the cradle of philosophy, named for Athena, goddess of wisdom, Lightfold are here to explore the ultimate mysteries with their incredible second album, Deathwalkers

Lightfold combine the brave, adventurous, challenging nature of progressive metal with the heroic, captivating, irrepressible energy of power metal to create something truly special. Their sound gifts itself to the telling of stories and the exploring of ideas. It fires the imagination and leads the listener through a maze of dreams, painting breathtaking pictures and weaving magical visions. Their 2014 debut album, Time To Believe was a brilliant beginning to what will surely be a remarkable tale, with Metal Zone commenting on the abundance of “great ideas with great variety in sound, tempo and melody”. After this strong start, Lightfold looked to the future with even greater ambition and prepared to explore life, death and beyond within the boundaries of one incredible concept album – Deathwalkers.

The music that Lightfold have crafted on Deathwalkers is astounding; the melodies dancing over the mountainous, thundering, rhythmic foundations, the quicksilver guitar solos spiraling into the stratosphere while new vocalist Martin Deathwalker is our narrator, leading us ever on, our constant companion on this spellbinding journey.Lightfold

Pitch Black Records are known throughout the music world for their appreciation of the very finest in metal and they have flung their support behind Lightfold’s incredible creative efforts. On April 5, 2019, Deathwalkers will be released and recognition for this brave new voice in progressive power metal will surely follow. This is more than just another album – this is a journey into mystery, an adventure in worlds unseen, a blending of music and thought in one spellbinding explosion of creativity.

Let Lightfold take you on a quest for truth beyond the borders of eternity.

Pre-order: Deathwalkers



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