LITTLE CAESAR – Live In Sweden (Concert Review)

Little Caesar Malmo
photo by: Bjorn Johnsen

A mathematical thing. 30 years. Over 10 failed attempts. 4 different countries. What does it add up to? 1000’s of tears. Tonight, I cried. I openly wept warm salty tears of disbelief and happiness. After approximately 30 years and over 10 false starts, I finally witnessed Little Caesar live.

Little Caesar hit the music scene in 1989 with their self-titled debut and the cover of Aretha‘s “Chain of Fools”. I’ve followed the band since then, almost 30 years. In one of my most exciting and first interviews for Decibel Geek, Ron Young and I spoke on the phone for over two hours! Check out my interview with frontman Ron Young for all the history.

From border issues to inabilities to get off work to deaths in the family to suddenly inflating flight prices, I have tried more than ten times to see the band. Last night it happened. I finally saw Little Ceasar live! Even moments before the band came on the floor I was waiting for the power outage. Or something to crush my dream.

Little Caesar Malmo
photo by: Gaby Beer

Before the show, I spotted the band sitting at a table. No egos here. They were sitting at a table just like the regular concert-goers. My friend pushed me towards the table, insisting that I say hi. I was pretty nervous, to be honest. As I approached decked out in my Four Horsemen shirt it was difficult to ward off the tears of joy. Not just a Four Horsemen t-shirt mind you, but the shirt from the very tour for which Ron Young fronted the band. Shaking hands with each band member and the merch guy too! I was bursting with emotion. I mean FFS, Loren Molinaire, Pharoah and Ron Young were right there in front of me!

LITTLE CAESAR at St. Gertrud, Malmo, Sweden

Little Caesar were absolutely everything I thought, wished and expected. Ron Young is so charismatic on stage and his voice is every bit laced with as much soul as you’d expect after hearing the records. The energy on each and every band member was unbounded. The intensity and living in the moment, the tears came.

photo by: Gaby Beer

During the first song, I feared that the curse had struck. Loren Molinaire‘s guitar strap sprang loose and he struggled to hold onto the instrument to finish the song. But thankfully no. A quick switch and the show rolled on.

Towards the end, the band returned to the stage for their encore 3-pack. This became the highlight of the night. Hard to believe that it gets better still for an already floating on air overly emotional lifelong fan, but it does. My absolute favorite Little Caesar song was a setlist inclusion I did not expect. On episode number 20 of my own CGCM Podcast, my cohost and I discussed our top debut albums of all time. Little Caesar landed at #3 on my list and the song I chose to showcase was “Cajun Panther”. Hearing it tonight was simply magical. But next was even better. From the Four Horsemen‘s debut full-length (my top seed in the CGCM list) Little Caesar delivered “Nobody Said It Was Easy”. Before they launched into it, Ron Young said a few words of dedication to me and my Four Horsemen shirt followed by a fist bump.

I was too emotional and too excited to hear exactly what he said. But there are several videos from the evening still finding their way to me, so I may hear it yet! In any case, elation is not a strong enough word.


photo by: Asaf Enav

After the set, I lined up and had the boys autograph the paper setlist I stole from the floor. Also, Ron and Pharoh both signed my Four Horsemen t-shirt. While my new friend Asaf captured the moments for me with my cell phone. During the photo opportunity with the whole band, Loren handed me the guitar that he was trying to fix at the time. What an amazing thrill for a long time fan…and I guess he wasn’t worried about me breaking the guitar since it was already there!

Thank-you so very much to every member of Little Caesar, past and present. You have been in the soundtrack of my life for 30 years! Tonight was a truly magical dream that I began to think would never happen. To the rest of the world, do yourself a favor and look into the entire Little Caesar catalog, the most recent release, Eight, is a blues-infused, soul infected hard rock barn burner.

photo by: Asaf Enav

Here’s my Decibel Geek colleague and CGCM co-host Wallygator‘s review of Eight.

BUY: Eight



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