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Italian progressive metallers Logical Terror were formed in 2010 in Modena and have issued a number of cool albums, which have garnered a loyal world-wide following. The band is comprised of Emiliano Gozzi on vocals, Julius Morse Sic on vocals, Claudio Corvo Mulas on guitar, Simone Clementi on guitar and Warren Gnudi on thunderous drums.

On the eve of the release of their latest single “Nightmare“, I was thrilled to chat to vocalist Julius about all things Logical Terror.

I really liked your last album “Ashes Of Fate” and am now listening to all your albums. We know you have a new single out on 16th November called “Nightmare” – how does this compare to your previous tunes?

Thank you so much for appreciating our music, it’s so cool to know it! Yes, right now we are working hard promoting the new single track “Nightmare”. We are really excited to support this upcoming new release, because it’s our first new music after Ashes Of Fate. It’s a first step towards new stuff that will sound a bit different than before. The new material is inspired by modern progressive metal in any kind of shape, from what they call “djent” to death metal attitude, but it surely takes care of melodies and aggressive riffing, mixing growl and clean vocals. I can say that this new track can be considered like a first episode of more stuff that will anticipate the next full-lenght out in the late 2019.”

What plans do you have for 2019 and on?

In this moment, we are setting goals step by step as we recently changed our line-up, introducing a second guitars and a new drummer, so there’s a lot to do on the songwriting leaning on new ideas and fresh new blood. About the next year, we surely think to release at least one new single, maybe two, and play some shows supporting on stage both old and new music with this set.”

How do you record together? Do you all live near each other and play live or do you send digital files to work on?

As we don’t live in the same place we usually send each other some digital files as demos or preview, so everyone can work on them while recording personal stuff as well. Then, we pre-produce together in our own studios.

Have you specific issues you write about? From the songs I have heard so far, it doesn’t appear that you have a specific agenda.

Talking about concepts behind our music there’s not a fixed issue, but since the first record “Almost Human” we tried to write a kind of novel that needs to change shape in time, keeping safe the morals and values of the main idea. We talked about the relationship between man and his world, located in a complex industrial future, where consequences of human actions in the past may bring daily conflicts in life, looking for survival. “Ashes Of Fate” it’s a sort of prequel with a more actual and concrete view focused on the human fate in every aspect of life. Our new stuff is about the inner fight between humans and all the distress and viral bad actions going on against this place. We ask ourselves why the mankind is so blind and why it still runs with no reason, almost as if we are fighting for our life inside a pattern decided by others, where nightmares, ghosts and virtual fears become now real and part of us.”

Where is your favorite venue to play live? Why is this?

We don’t have a favourite place or venue but the mood and the attitude of people in front of us is very important, it makes a big difference. I mean that any big venue, small club and festival can be attractive, but a band needs the energy that people unleash during the show, and it doesn’t depend on where you are or on the number of people in front of you…”

Have you set any goals for Logical Terror as a band?

Our goal in the near future is to release new music and a full-lenght in the next year. We also aim to play more shows as possible, waiting for our listeners’ reactions and feedback about the upcoming new material.

Which bands would you like to tour with?

Well, we have a lot of bands and artists we would love to play with or collaborate for our records, it’s a pleasure we had in the past and we really hope to have other opportunities in the near future.

You have very striking artwork for the albums – who comes up with the concepts?

Normally we use to have a proof of the design about the main artwork representing the concept of the lyrics, and then we engage artists we like. The last time (with Ashes Of Fate) we had the pleasure to work with the talented Luminokaya, well-known for his artworks for Meshuggah, and he definitely killed it with an amazing job.

Have you any interesting stories about your time as a band?

We are not so lucky usually, that’s why we didn’t visit many of the places we played in ’cause normally it was raining or the weather was bad. For example, we got hard rain and snow during our last gigs in Austria and Switzerland, so we passed just a little time outside. Yes, funny events during time happened as usual, but I hope we can share more stories in the future if God will be kind with us ahah.

Many thanks and best of luck for the future.

Thank you for this chance to introduce us to new readers and for your attention and support to our music, all the best cheers from me and the band!

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