LORD OF THE LOST – Thornstar (August 3, 2018)

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Lord Of The Lost have announced the release of the video for their new song Morgana”. Check it out below. It’s the second single from their upcoming album  Thornstar which will be released on August 3, 2018, via Napalm Records.
The concept album Thornstar follows the myth of the Pangaeians, an almost forgotten doomed high civilization. The next two singles to be released, relate to each other in both theme and music – with “Morgana” the first part of this symbiosis seeing the light of day. 
In the Pangaeian mythology “Morgana” stands for Mother Nature and symbolizes light, sun, and unconditional love. In an act of altruism “Morgana” cut out her own heart and formed the first human beings from it. 
According to the legend every human received a piece of her heart from then on, granting them the energy to live. This energy is only borrowed and is returned to her upon death. Therefore, completing “Morgana”: a piece at a time after a long and fulfilling life, without giving in to the temptations of life, is regarded as the highest aim and ultimate honor. 
Thornstar tracklist:
CD 1
1. “On This Rock I Will Build My Church”
2. “Loreley”
3. “Black Halo”
4. “In Our Hands”
5. “Morgana”
6. “Haythor”
7. “Naxxar”
8. “Cut Me Out”
9. “The Mortarian”
10. “Under The Sun”
11. “In Darkness, In Light”
12. “Forevermore”
13. “Ruins”

CD 2 (Available in the Digipak)
1. “Abracadabra” (feat. Dero Goi / OOMPH!)
2. “Voodoo Doll”
3. “The Art Of Love”
4. “Lily Of The Vale”
5. “Penta”
6. “Free Radicals”
7. “Live Pray Die Repeat”
Available as Limited 2CD Digipack, 2-LP Gatefold Vinyl, Jewel case CD!
(The limited deluxe box set it already completely sold out!)
The sixth studio album reveals even more sonic facets of the band, all the while remaining hard and forceful. Thornstar is a record unique in both sound and concept.
Lord of the Lost line-up:
Chris Harms: Vocals, guitar, cello.
π: Guitar.
Class Grenayde: Bass.
Gared Dirge: Piano, synthesizer, percussion, guitar.
Niklas Kahl: Drums.
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dh58ATKrSg[/embedyt]

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