LUNAR SHADOW – Far From Light (March 10, 2017)

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Germany’s Lunar Shadow are set to release their debut album Far From Light on Cruz Del Sur Music on March 10. Far From Light delivers eight brand new songs with a playing time of over 60 minutes. Epic, melodic, thoughtful, and proudly progressive. The way we like it!

Led by guitarist Max “Savage” BirbaumLunar Shadow have worked their way to the debut LP with patience and extreme dedication. After the release of their first EP Triumphator in 2015 (nominated “Demo Of The Month” by Rock Hard Magazine), the band played a number of select live shows, including the Harder Than Steel Festival and gigs with Atlantean Kodex, Dark Forest, and Argus.

One year later and there are tales of strange sounds in the hills. Chariots are being prepared for war. The women and children are fearful.  Lunar Shadow have returned!

Far From Light track listing:

  1. “Hadrian Carrying Stones”
  2. “They That Walk The Night”
  3. “Frozen Goddess”
  4. “Gone Astray”
  5. “The Hour Of Dying”
  6. “The Kraken”
  7. “Cimmeria”
  8. “Earendil (Gone Are The Days)”
As you will notice from the clip YouTube clip below, the band are intent on producing heavy, melodic and thoughtful pieces. Intense riffs interspersed with fast solo work from Max “Savage” Birbaum underline their credentials with vocalist A. Vornham providing suitably emotive and emotional feeling to procedings.
Their full range of abilities are displayed, whether in the areas of varied vocals, heavy riffs, melodies, slow-time guitar work, this band can certainly do it all. Indeed, there is something for everybody there.
The album will be released on February 27, 2017, in Europe and March 10 worldwide.
Lunar Shadow line-up:
Max ‘Savage’ Birbaum – Lead Guitar
K. Hamacher – Guitars
S. Hamacher – Bass Guitar
A. Vornam – Vocals
J. Zehner – Drums
If you liked Triumphator then you are urged strongly to buy this, it comes highly recommended.

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