Magic Kingdom-Savage Requiem (April 14, 2015)

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BMagic Kingdom-Savage Requiemelgian guitarist Dushan Petrossi is not only the driving force behind AFM Records-signed Iron Mask; he is also the mastermind of power symphonic speed metal band Magic Kingdom. Actually it was Magic Kingdom who first received international success, in Europe, Asia and South America alike. Even though the band only looks back on three album releases (with the fourth, Savage Requiem, to arrive in April 2015 in North America), these albums – especially the latter ones, Metallic Tragedy and Symphony Of War established them as one of the most successful bands of their genre. Savage Requiem again delivers 100% what fans expect from Magic Kingdom. Petrossi’s splendid guitar work shines throughout the whole record and new vocalist Christian Palin’s (ex-Adagio) performance is passionate and powerful.

Magic Kingdom Website / Magic Kingdom Facebook

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