Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall-Kingdom of Rock (November 6, 2015)

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Magnus Karlsson's Kingdom of RockMagnus Karlsson is the mastermind behind the successful initial Allen/Lande trilogy, Starbreaker, Bob Catley, Kiske/Somerville and many more popular Euro metal releases as well as a member of German heavy metal icons Primal Fear. For the second album of his own project, Free Fall aptly titled Kingdom of Rock Magnus once again enlisted a dream team featuring some of the best singers in metal and hard rock! (from Amazon)

BUY: Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – Kingdom of Rock

1. Kingdom Of Rock (feat. Jorn Lande)
2. Out Of The Dark (feat. Jakob Samuel)
3. No Control (feat. Joe Lynn Turner)
4. When The Sky Falls (feat. Tony Martin)
5. Angel Of The Night (feat. David Readman)
6. I Am Coming For You
7. Another Life (feat. Rick Altzi)
8. Never Look Away (feat. Tony Harnell)
9. A Heart So Cold (feat. Harry Hess)
10. The Right Moment (feat. Rebecca De La Motte)
11. Walk This Road Alone


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