Mammoth Mammoth-Volume IV: Hammered Again (April 7, 2015)

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Mammoth Mammoth Vol. IVBlasting out of Melbourne, Australia with their hard pounding brew of stoner vibes and hard rock Mammoth Mammoth return for their fourth effort with “Volume IV: Hammered Again”. They self-describe their music blend as “good-time-murder-fuzz” and it’s consequent effect as, “the sound that sometimes kills unicorns” and “more awesome than God’s tits!” and “Motorhead doing mushrooms with AC/DC while channeling The Birthday Party at a Black Sabbath concert.” The naked, pot-smoking babe on the cover and songs such as Hammered Again, High As A Kite and Alcohol should give you a good idea of what Mammoth Mammoth deliver. The band’s first EP gained popularity in Europe and Australia, but their first video was immediately banned because it used 1970s European pornography and was pulled from YouTube, Myspace, and Facebook. The third record, “Volume III: Hell’s Likely”, saw the band sign with European label Napalm Records. Now Mammoth Mammoth and Naplam are ready to unleash Volume IV: Hammered Again on April 7, 2015 in North American markets. Looking Down The Barrel is the first official video from the album and gives more insight into the band’s good-time partying ways.

Mammoth Mammoth Website / Mammoth Mammoth Facebook / Mammoth Mammoth Twitter

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