Mary Powers (singer for Black Sabbitch and Death On The Radio) interview

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Let’s kick this interview off by discussing Black Sabbitch, your all female tribute to my favorite metal band of all time, Black Sabbath. What were the circumstances that led you to become the singer/frontwoman for that band?

My dear friend Johnny Angel Wendel knows Angie (the drummer). They were talking in a grocery store one day about her project and how they needed a true Ozzy to front the band and he got on the phone right away and called me. He told her I was exactly the ONE. 🙂

Does Black Sabbitch perform any of the non-Ozzy Sabbath songs and if so, what songs? And if not, why not?

We perform ALL the amazing tracks of Sabbath with Ozzy. Just to name a few: “NIB”, “War Pigs”, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” and, yes, even “Paranoid”.

Have you listened to any of the Sabbath albums with Tony Martin on vocals? If so, what are your opinions of them?

I haven’t listened to any of them. I really love the Ozzy years. Dio was great too. But I’m only listening to Ozzy so I can really wrap myself around him.

What are some of your favorite Sabbath albums and/or songs and why?

My favorite song right now is “Hole in the Sky”. “I’m livin’ free because the rent’s never due”. Musically, it’s insane!

Discuss your band Death on the Radio.

Death On The Radio is my baby! We, as a band, are really trying to get that new sound together. I think we are accomplishing it too. On bass is Evol Powers, guitar is Danny Dorman (from Wasted Youth, Circle One, The Livingstons, Aggression) and on drums is Roger De Lelong (Midlife Crisis and SIKK – they’re a KISS tribute band and a very good one too).

As a singer and as a musician, who/what are some of your influences and why?

Lena Lovitch, Nina Hagen, Nancy Wilson (HEART), Pat Benatar, Rob Halford and, of course, Ozzy.

Discuss your experiences (good and/or bad) being a woman in the entertainment industry.

I am a human being making music.

Discuss your experiences being a lead backup singer and a featured dancer in the hip hop group Candyman 187 and The Havenotz.

The Candyman 187 days were great! We were a 14 piece hip hop band that kicked ass! When I sang with them, we were like Black Eyed Peas meets 2Pac. Candyman187 just released a single with Snoop Dog called “High Off the Fame”. He kinda went solo.

What are some of the notable similarities between rock/punk audiences and hip hop audiences?

Fashion, aggression and sex.

What are some of the notable differences between rock/punk audiences and hip hop audiences?

Fashion, aggression and sex. HA!

Discuss your voice over work.

I do character voices. I have an older demo here – but I’m way better than the demo now. Narration, even commercials. But my heart is in the flamboyant animation characterization.

What’s your advice to kids (particularly girls) who are considering careers in some capacity in the entertainment industry?

GIRLS! Go forth and KICK ASS! Have a thick skin and be prepared to fight for your authenticity. I would tell guys that too. Don’t be afraid to be a bit commercial. BUT NEVER SELL OUT!

Discuss your animal activism and anything you’ve done in support of animal rights.

I am strongly against FACTORY FARMING.

Feel free to shamelessly plug any of your other endeavors here.

Death on the Radio has a residency on Tuesday nights in February at The Redwood Bar & Grill in downtown Los Angeles. We are bringing the coolest acts in LA and Orange County. To name a few: The Fagz, Rikk Agnew’s band Motherless, I Still Have Nightmares, Hari-Kari, Million Kids, etc. All of these bands are either fronted by a chick or have chick musicians and they all kick ass!

Also, we’ll be playing with 45 Grave at Webers in the Valley on March 3rd.

And as far as Black Sabbitch news, we have incredible opportunities brewing right now. I, personally, am not at liberty to speak about them yet but it is the top most opportunity this band could dream of!

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