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MATTERHORN – Crimes of Man (Album Review)


Matterhorn - Crimes Of ManHere at the Decibel Geek/CGCM Podcast headquarters, I get inundated with album promos for review. I don’t even read the bios anymore. I just chance and click…if I don’t like it, another simple click stops the madness. Sometimes you win the lottery so to speak! And good morning MatterhornCrimes Of Man, nice to meet you! This debut album released independently back in April of 2018. And it’s a ripper!


Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Matterhorn began as a cover band in 2009. They are comprised of Amanda Ozolins (vocals), Brendan Ozolins (guitar), Steve Opitz (bass) and Jaryd Dorey (drums). Becoming known as the nation’s premier heavy metal tribute show led to the release of a 7 track EP in 2013 called For True Fans Of Rock/Metal featuring cover songs. From there touring and sharing stages with Tim “Ripper” Owens and Paul Di’Anno brought interest in their original compositions. And behold Crimes Of Man!

MATTERHORN – Crimes Of Man (Album Review)

It’s a long player! Thirteen tracks total and only four of them below the 5-minute mark. Six north of 6-minutes and one whopper at 9.5! Well, I could run down all 13 tracks but I don’t really think that’s necessary. Let us just take a look at the first four cuts.

A repetitive beating riff begins “Judge Nought” as the drums join in. Ozolins‘ vocals are haunting at the outset. As the song builds up the seething venom bubbles to the top of the cauldron. The breakdown has a tasty and fitting guitar solo. A near 7-minute doom-tinged barn burner. Hey Matterhorn…your Sabbath is showing!

“Guest of Your Majesty” is a little more melodic. A little more energy. A wickedly identifiable bridge and overall great headbanger. As “Burial Ground” fades in, the chugging riff takes its hold and the intensity grows. Another great vehicle for the vocals of Ozolins. Love her snarl. With the official video for “Memory of the Guilty” (see below) you can get a good feel for Matterhorn. The video was filmed on location at the Adelaide Gaol by Perspective Media. Another low lead in brings us to the explosion of the riffs and beat. A catchy hook pushes the song forward, the more than six minutes passing rapidly. Watch for this one to surface on my CGCM Podcast!

MATTERHORN – Crimes Of Man Closing Thoughts

Australia’s Matterhorn have independently issued a hefty slab of metal in Crimes Of Man. With influences from NWOBHM to thrash, the doomy stylings can be heard throughout. As a fan of female tones at the forefront of metal bands in general, I must say the Amanda Ozolins simply shines. I’ve been listening to MatterhornCrimes Of Man repeatedly over the last couple of weeks. Great album….now if I could just find a vinyl release?

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