The Meister Becomes Metal Immortal with LADY BEAST

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Lady Beast Metal Immortal Album Release Show Jake Reinhart
Lady Beast photo by Jake Reinhart

In exactly one week from today, I shall become Metal Immortal! Whatever do you mean Meister? Well, for those of you that follow me or Decibel Geek you are probably aware that I am an avid rock show enthusiast and travel as much as possible to festival events around the world. Rarely (OK, only one other time to date – Tora Tora in Memphis) do I do fly-ins for single show events. But that’s exactly what I’m embarking on here, so you know it must be something special. Followers are probably also aware that two of my favorite bands in the world are smaller known bands, both of whose albums tied for my number one pick of album of the year in 2015. Those two bands are Toronto’s Diemonds and Pittsburgh’s Lady Beast.

Every time Lady Beast announces a show I check the flight info and seeing their proclamation of opening for NWOBHM stalwarts Diamond Head was no exception. My God, the flights were actually reasonable this time around. I didn’t wait long before securing my air travel ticket. Having seen Lady Beast on a few occasions previously (Destroys Sonoma’s (M3) / Canadian Tour Review), I know they absolutely slay the tunes live. But to see them rip it up on their home turf in Pittsburgh is something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time now.

Lady Beast Metal Immortal EP AvailableLady Beast have recently unleashed an absolutely killer EP titled Metal Immortal and I can’t wait to pick up my vinyl copy. The four tracks on Metal Immortal are some of the best I’ve seen the female fronted NWOBHM styled Lady Beast deliver. You can read my full Decibel Geek review here: Metal Immortal EP Review. And also my review of their sophomore full-length release: Lady Beast II Album Review

Let’s rage in Pittsburgh! Who’s with me? Contact Lady Beast or Deborah Levine for tickets.

BUY: Metal Immortal (Vinyl) / CD from Inferno Records

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