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Broken Teeth LogoHello and welcome to an old segment here on the Decibel Geek website that I called “Meister Music” in which I, The Meister, attempt to spotlight and introduce you to bands that are perhaps lesser known. For this first installment of the return of Meister Music, I’d like to introduce the Decibel Geek faithful to a band called Broken Teeth. While a band that many may have never heard of before, the Austin Texas based Broken Teeth have actually been around since 1999! They were originally formed at the behest of Perris Records owner Tom Mathers when he asked Paul Lidel and Bruce Rivers of Dirty Looks to record a record for this new label. Dangerous Toys frontman Jason McMaster got wind of the project and quickly enlisted, christening the band Broken Teeth. Pariah guitarist Jared Tuten and Dangerous Toys bassist Mike Watson filled out the line-up for the live shows and there have been a couple of roster adjustments over the years which now sees originals Jason McMaster (vocals), Jared Tuten (guitars), Bruce Rivers (drums) joined by Dave Beeson (guitars) and Robb Lampman (bass).

Broken Teeth BulldozerWith five full length albums under their belt, Broken Teeth (1999), Guilty Pleasure (2002), Blood on the Radio-Live (2004), Electric (2007) and Viva La Rock Fantastico (2010) we are now anxiously awaiting 2015’s Bulldozer! It’s been a couple years since Broken Teeth have issued anything, due in part I would think to the tragic loss of bassist Travis Weiss when he passed away in 2013 after recording the song “Devil on the Road”. With an album release party set for October 23, 2015, this upcoming 7-song EP is what sparked me to return to Meister Music and I am eagerly anticipating this new effort. Their previous album, Viva La Rock Fantastico features Canadian Danko Jones as guest vocalist on two tracks, however, it’s the fantastic 2007’s Electric that remains the crowning glory of the Broken Teeth library for me. A couple of years ago during my MORC prep and ramblings I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason McMaster prior to the Dangerous Toys appearance on 2013’s voyage and you can check out that interview here: Jason McMaster Interview

Broken Teeth employs the influences of bands such as AC/DC, Motorhead, Rhino Bucket, Judas Priest et al probably best summed up by Danko Jones with: “Broken Teeth will knee you in the groin and punch you in the face with ROCK. You will groan, grab your crotch, thank them, and ASK FOR MORE.” So if you like your rock hard-drivin’, raw, and brash check out some Broken Teeth!

“Broken Teeth is rock ‘n’ roll,” says McMaster. “No ballads. No crying. This music is not good for someone who is worried about their blood pressure.” Well said, Mr. McMaster!

BUY: Broken Teeth / BUY: Guilty Pleasure / BUY: Blood on the Radio / BUY: Electric / BUY: Viva La Rock Fantastico

Broken Teeth Website / Broken Teeth Facebook

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