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Swedish Symphonic metal band Eleine‘s frontwoman has posted an inspirational message on the band’s Facebook page. Eleine who released their self-titled debut in 2015, delivered an excellently engaging performance at the Sweden Rock Festival this year. Already enjoying the recorded material, this show cemented the fanship of Decibel Geek‘s Shawn “Animalize” Irwin and Rich “The Meister” Dillon. The boys also had the wonderful opportunity to meet with and interview the lady herself and the band. This group of musicians are some of the most down to earth people and were an absolute pleasure to chat with. Watch for the interview and Sweden Rock Spotlight concert review coming soon to Decibel Geek. In the meantime, here’s the Facebook post and the photo that went along with it.


Eleine - Facebook“Break Take Live”, our latest single talks about how you should break from the life you live if you are not satisfied, and that you dare to do what you actually love or would like to do.
I personally did this a few years ago. I was very sad and depressed about my situation. I got the chance to actually do something about it. It was incredible scary. I had nothing. I was hungry and tired. Tries to please everyone and did not see when people tried to fool or use me. But I learned a lot. I understood that taking the leap would be SO hard, and still is a lot of times – anything is possible, and I’m happy in a way I could never dream of.

I work more, waaaaay more than a 100%, but I’m happy to do it. I get to be creative every day, I’m my own boss, I meet a lot of new people and experience so much more than before. It’s life in a whole new way. The one thing that makes me and the guys wanting to continue, is you. Our sweet fans, followers – you are the fuel for what we do. All the love and support you give us, there are no words for how grateful we are <3

Singer/Model/Edit: Eleine
Photo: Rikard Ekberg

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