MIA KLOSE – Stronger (Album Review)

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Mia Klose - StrongerUK based Swedish singer Mia Klose first came to my attention thanks to Sweden Rock Festival. In 2013 I made my inaugural trek trans-Atlantic to attend my first Sweden Rock, not my last! Prior to departing Toronto for the adventure, I performed my due diligence on many, many bands of the 80 act roster that were completely unknown to me. Sadly, I found little to nothing on Mia Klose in the way of albums for purchase. But some You-Tube sampling clued me in. I was intrigued enough to check out her day opening set on Thursday, June 6, 2013, on the 4-Sound Stage.

Here’s a little of what I wrote back then on Mia Klose‘s set: “The first song was called “Open Your Eyes” I believe anyway and was really good. The attractive blonde led her band into “Drive Me Crazy” next and then paused to address the audience. She let us know that the first two songs that we had just heard were from the debut release called London. So the music is out there somewhere. They launched into what she informed us was a new song entitled “Living For Love” followed by “Can’t Stop Me” (if I had to guess by the chorus any way).” I quite enjoyed the performance, but afterwards Mia Klose dropped off my radar.

MIA KLOSE – Stronger (Album Review)

Mia Klose - Stronger
Mia Klose – 2018’s Samantha Fox photo taken from press kit

Now the radar blip has resurfaced as Mia Klose issued her latest album, Stronger, on Friday, September 28, 2018. Independently issued Stronger comes after Klose took a two-year break from music. With no stretch of the imagination, Klose is easily the Samantha Fox of the 2010’s. Frankly, this release is a welcome breath of fresh air for me. A throwback for me to days of teenage angst. Loaded with pop sensibilities and catchy guitar hooks Stronger is simply a fun album to listen to. The kind of record that raises your spirits. Normally enjoying my music with a lot more “heavy”, Stronger does really rock.

Take a look and listen to the video below for the single “Gimme Gimme”. A great window into Mia Klose‘s Stronger. Some other standouts from the ten-song collection include: “Living in a Fantasy” with its guitar riffs and sing-along pop rock chorus. The initial biting riff that begins the, way too short at under three minutes, title track and the wicked solo work throughout. However, “Memory Lane” serves as the top choice for me. The chugging guitar riff adds a perfect heavy texture to Klose‘s soaring vocals. Although “Don’t Give Up” features a pounding foot-tapping beat that embeds itself in the psyche as well. Not to be forgotten is “Living for Love”, played at the Sweden Rock gig in 2013.

From the MIA KLOSE – Stronger PR:

The album was written and recorded in London together with Mia’s smoking-hot touring band, which consists of four rock masters: C-Rexx (bass), Jonny Nonsense (guitar), Kalle Arheden (guitar) and Henry Rogers (drums). Guitarist Jonny Scaramanga, who now plays for Europe’s Kee Marcello, was previously a member of the band and has also contributed to the songwriting.

The mixing and mastering of Mia’s new album Stronger was done by Tony Wilson, the founder of the Friday Rock Show on BBC 1 and Total Rock radio. Martin Sweet, guitarist of Crashdiet, also mixed one of the songs on the album.

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