Michael Sweet-“We’re not going to have actors portraying us and cheesing it out”

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Speaking with Bakko on a recent appearance on the Cobras & Fire Podcast, Stryper lead singer Michael Sweet mentioned they were working on a documentary.

“We’re working on a documentary.  A very unique special documentary.  It’s going to take us a couple of years at least to finish.  We started working on it already.  But I mean it’s the very first stages of it.  It’s a documentary.  It’s not a bio-pic.  We’re not going to have actors portraying us and cheesing it out like that you know.  But it’s gonna be cool man.  What we’re gonna do man is lots’ of live footage.  Never before seen footage of the band.  I’m talking way back when we were playing high schools.  Were going to incorporate some live footage. were also going to incorporate a lot of people whos live have been changed through Stryper, being interviewed.  People you’d never expect  .  I’ll leave it at that.”  

You can hear the full interview below.

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet will release his new solo album, “Ten”, in September via Rat Pak Records. Guest musicians who appear on the disc include singer Todd La Torre (QUEENSRŸCHE), drummer Will Hunt (EVANESCENCE), bassist John O’Boyle, and guitarists Joel Hoekstra (WHITESNAKE, NIGHT RANGER), Jeff Loomis (ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE), Marzi Montazeri (EXHORDER, PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS), Gus G. (FIREWIND, OZZY OSBOURNE) and Andy James.


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