MIDNITE CITY – Midnite City (Album Review)

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Midnite City Album ReviewIs it not ironic that since I last posted an article, October 2017, is when this was released? I have been toiling over new music in the latter half of 2017 and into 2018 with not much enthusiasm. Without a doubt I missed this release from Midnite City because had I paid better attention to this back in October 2017 I am sure I would have felt as I do now: excited about this music from this band! The album is out on AOR Heaven.

I had some downtime recently so I spent a half day going through recently released music, my ears burned that I must have missed something over the last while and did I ever. Midnite City is fronted and essentially created by Rob Wylde whom you may know as the current frontman for Tigertailz. Being as I love original as well as new Tigertailz it is no surprise to me how much Midnite City appeals to me. The vocals are smooth, clean and produced. The lyrics and delivery are catchy all around and while one lends itself to another for the entire release, each one is solid melodic hard rock that contains similarly clean yet sleazy guitars. I appreciate the keyboards throughout the tunes paired with terrific backing vocals.

Now for the negative. The mix of the instruments is terrible. Either I have a very poor quality preview copy at 192kbps or it truly is a poor mix. Very distorted and muffled which is odd because the vocals are perfectly clean. Disappointing because I love the songs.

First tune “We Belong” is a strong start, hard-rockin’ enough for me with a sugary sweet chorus.

The standout tune for my ears is track 3: “Summer Of Our Lives”.

Midnite City

Every track is solid enough that I will continue to listen which is the real test, how often I expect to come back and listen again and again. My only concern is the muffled sound which may cause me to skip/stop if it continues to bother me as much as it did first listen.

If you appreciate melodic hard rock give this one a listen it is sure to please, at the same time if you latch onto this check out Rob’s previous band Teenage Casket Company you may as well find some tunes from them you enjoy just as much as I have for years. Always wished that band took off, let’s hope Midnite City catches.

Blair De Abreu

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