MISSION IN BLACK – Anthems Of A Dying Breed (Album Review)


MISSION IN BLACK - Anthems of a Dying BreedDuring a lengthy intro, “Premonition of Chaos”, which I’m not a fan of in any instance really, a deep booming voice invades the eardrums. The voice proclaims “…They’re on a mission and their mission is black!” And then Anthems of a Dying Breed literally erupts with “Welcome to the Apocalypse”. Like an exploding volcano spewing its hot molten lava from the pinnacle flowing down on the villagers below. The repetitive grinder of a riff is just what I like to set my blood racing and my ears tuning in and my mind’s focus shifting. The aggressive throaty snarling yet soft tones of female vocals mixed with aggressive growls actually works incredibly well! Welcome to Mission In Black.

Touted in the accompanying PR as “The perfect thrash cocktail for 2018” and “….freight train….”, the album comes to us via El Puerto Records and dropped May 4, 2018. Featuring members of Spellbound and Mystic Prophecy, the band behind this masterpiece consists of Becky Gaber (vocals), Daniel Tschoepe (guitars), Andy “Black” Flache (drums), Martin Grimm (guitars), Hannes Jäger (bass).

Of the thirteen titled tracks on Anthems of a Dying Breed (12 plus the intro) most are four minutes or higher in length. But unlike some others, this is not an album that outstays its welcome. With a lot of abusing riffs throughout this is perfect to work out your aggressions with. For me, Anthems of a Dying Breed sees play during gym time and also during work hours. Its pace and vigor drive you to faster motion, higher productivity.

In considering a top cut, I’d have to take “Cold Wings of Vengeance”. The vocal chorus just hangs around in your head long after the listen is completed. Over five minutes of multi-textured thrash bliss! I even featured the track on an upcoming episode of my own CGCM Podcast as one of our tracks of the week or “Dick In The Dirt” tracks. Named for tracks that knocked us on our ass or knocked our dick in the dirt! Do yourselves a favor and give Mission In Black‘s Anthems of a Dying Breed a spin. Mission ACCOMPLISHED!

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