MOONSTRUCK – Impact (Album Review)

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There is great music all over the world and often some of it can be found via social media. Having come across Moonstruck by accident (or more precise a friend’s Facebook page who lives in that area of the world), I was delighted to have the opportunity to review their 4 track EP called “Impact”. The first track I had heard was progressive in sound and reminded me a little of Queensryche, but still had its own identity. There was melody, a chorus that could be sung along to and enough progression in it to immediately draw my attention.

The band were formed only two years ago in their homeland of Holland. They admit that they were just out to “have fun”. The following year they recorded some music which was good enough to create the EP. I imagine the guys have all been playing for a while (perhaps in other bands), as the quality of writing, arranging and playing is of such a high standard.  They have, without doubt, honed their craft prior to forming this band.

The songs are mostly between 5 and 7 minutes in length, so not overly long, but within those times there is enough variation of moods, riffs and lyrics to pack a punch. First up is “The Articulation Of Time”, which is probably the first time I have seen the word “articulation” in a song, never mind as a part of a chorus!  Lyrically themed in a way that reminds me a little of the brilliant “Natural Science” by Rush, it doesn’t quite sound like that. This has a rather surprisingly catchy chorus, which is impressive considering the subject material! During the second guitar solo, I could also hear a strong Iron Maiden sound.

The Devil’s Recruiter” is large on melody, with a generous sprinkling of the aforementioned Queensryche. Vocally, it also reminds me of Warrel Dane from another Seattle band called Nevermore. The drum fills or rolls during the section about dreaming are very good.

There is another Rush vibe (the sound at the start made me think of “Xanadu”) to the opening of “Sustain The Illusion”, leading into a fun drum section then a Metallica stop start riff before heading into something that sounds much darker. Beautifully put together.

The EP ends with “Bizarre”, which also strangely starts with a touch of Rush (or more specifically, an Alex Lifeson sound). Just the opening guitar sound though, as the rest of the song goes in a different direction. Seemingly more straightforward on first listen, it has several time changes and mood swings – all in about 5 minutes!

A very fine EP, which fans of heavy rock or metal with a good progressive edge will enjoy. For those interested in checking them out (or indeed buying the EP) need to contact them direct and they will dispatch the CD to you. The address for purchase is….




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