MULTISTOREY LOVER – Jelly For Breakfast (EP Review)

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Jelly For Breakfast EP cover

Background Story:

I first came across Perth based blues rockers Multistorey Lover opening for Darkness Divine in Glasgow. There was an immediate connection for me in what they were doing musically and their style of performance. I was kindly given the EP to review after the show. It has taken a bit of time to do the review for which I apologize (trying to do much at times) but at long last here are my thoughts on the band and the EP called Jelly For Breakfast.

They are a 4 piece with James Jim JamDonaldson on drums, Owen Toole on bass, guitarist Andy McDonald and a vocalist Kris Dye who also plays the harmonica to great effect. The thing I loved was the way they took a groove or riff and played around with it. They are not scared to utilize bits of other bands riffs from years gone by dropping them in, doing whatever they want with them and dropping out into something else. The EP, out via 870510 Records DK, shows off their musicality and slightly odd (at times) lyrics very nicely. Bands or artists that come to mind include Clutch, George Thorogood, Queens Of The Stone Age and thanks to “Electric Love”, Rush! There is plenty of groove and with Kris Dye having a gritty vocal this sounds of another era! One which I grew up in and am happy to enjoy again.

Jelly For Breakfast EP

None of the songs are over 5 minutes but have plenty going on in each of them, with changes of pace and style at various points whilst never leaving the blues behind. Opening song “Miss Voodoo” opens with bass guitar and reminded me of Geezer Butler on perhaps “N.I.B” until the guitar and vocal come in. The first half is laid back and the second heavies up into a groove ladened monster. The harmonica versus guitar section made me grin like a Cheshire cat. The over the top blues ending just finishes it beautifully.

Multistorey Lover: the band

Deadman Blues” has an insistent riff which has a hint of another track but they play around with it enough for me to never quite work out what it might be. The production manages to make sure everything is clear and yet sounding old and dirty. Clever trick I say. They go all funky on the strangely named “Funky Tree”. I admit I have absolutely no idea what it means but it sounds so good it doesn’t matter. My foot never stops moving throughout. It is danceable for those with that talent! The drum-based ending is tasty as well.

The final track “Electric Love” has a guitar motif at points straight out of “La Villa Strangiato” by Rush. Not all the time obviously, but it pops up a couple of times. It is a more straight rocking song than “La Villa” and speeds up almost heading into metal at one point. I did mention the similarity to singer Kris who looked confused by my mentioning it so I can only asses that guitarist Andy McDonald is a bit of a Rush fan and kept it quiet. If that is the case then his cover is now blown! Sorry!

Final Thoughts:

This a fine EP from a band that only formed 2 years ago, and if you like the EP (and if you like any of the other bands mentioned you should) then get along to see them live as they are even better in that environment.

A band to watch out for in 2019 and beyond.

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