MYRATH – Shehili (Album Review)

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M Y R A T H – S h e h i l i

The joy of music can be a spiritual experience.  It can give you peace and make you feel elated.  The rich sounds of Tunisian/French band Myrath makes this album (Shehili) a special place to visit.  The Power Metal twists with an Eastern infusion of instruments that elevates this release above the standard fare dished up by many traditional acts.

Shehili is the band’s fifth album and it absolutely burns through the atmosphere.  Where others go the easy route, Myrath generate an absolute symphony that I have completely fallen for.

The five-piece outfit loves to produce epic music.  They have created an absolute masterpiece here, as the songs are atmospheric, emotive, evocative and powerful.

I love the Eastern influences that are shown on tracks such as “Asl” and “Born To Survive.” Furthermore, the singing of Zaher Zorgati is wonderful.  He has power and his melody lines are oh so memorable.

There is a storm at the beginning of “You’ve Lost Yourself,” with it calming into a cinematic AOR classic.  This could be the next James Bond theme, it is that outstanding.  The guitars are heavy and Nu Metal like and the whole song is absolute class.  The breakdown with piano reminds me of prime Queen and the harmonies batter the wings of heavenly butterflies.

I would recommend listening to this record with headphones, as the production is crystal clear and the whole symphonic material really comes to life with a good set of phones.  However, it sounds amazing on any platform.

Dance” is a single, which leans heavily on strings and a groove that will make you want to bounce off the walls.  The vision to meld the various types of music is ahead of the curve and I wish more bands would take this route, as it really sets them apart from the millions of other groups in the Metal world.


Finally, this album is a serious contender for my favorite of 2019.  Furthermore, I am betting that a lot more is going to be heard of these guys and I will certainly be watching how their career progresses with great interest

Myrath will also perform at the upcoming WACKEN and Sweden Rock festivals, followed by a headline tour later this year.  Check them out!



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