Nashville to Get KISSed Thursday with Blonder Than Hell

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Baby, it’s cold outside but it’ll be Hotter than Hell this Thursday at Nashville’s Exit/In for KISSMAS 2017. Members of Thee Rock n Roll Residency, Dark Hound, and ACCEPT get together every year to form Blonder than Hell. The quartet of musicians Philip Shouse (Paul Stanley), Jeremy Asbrock (Ace Frehley), ET Brown (Gene Simmons), and Christopher Williams (Peter Criss) slap on the kabuki makeup, costumes, and deliver a top-flight KISS tribute show.

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Additionally, the “KISS-ness” of this KISSMAS show is accentuated this year as Shouse and Asbrock are current members of Gene Simmons‘ (yes, the real one) touring band. Also of note is Williams performing on Peter Criss‘ actual reunion-era drum set. Hear him discuss the journey that led to this acquisition in his interview with Decibel Geek Podcast.

KISSMAS 2017 is not only a great rock show, chock full of KISS classics and rarities; it’s also a chance to give back. Admission to the show is $10.00 along with a can of food or unopened toy and proceeds will be donated to the Nashville Rescue Mission.

You can hear more details on the KISSMAS 2017 show as Philip Shouse appears on the latest episode of Podkisst. Listen at


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