THE NEARLY DEADS – Revenge Of The Nearly Deads (EP Review)

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Nearly DeadsNashville’s own The Nearly Deads have been described as alt-rockers and post-grunge but this soon-to-be-released EP is, to me, a straight up hard rocker, no messing.

Revenge Of The Nearly Deads is the band’s third EP release, amongst which a full-length album, Invisible Tonight was let loose in 2014.

The sound of The Nearly Deads revolves around the stunning vocals of Theresa Jeane, whose power and purity compare favorably to those of Paramore’s Hayley Williams.

Jeane is supported superbly by Steve Tobi, Javier Garza Jr., Josh Perrone, and Kevin Koelsch.

Whilst they can’t be accused of high-brow, intricate, smart-arsed music, what they do is top notch.

Crushing riffs, powerful driving rhythm and, of course, Theresa Jeane’s vocals give me all I want.

Despite consisting of only six tracks Revenge Of The Nearly Deads does provide ample opportunity for variation.

The opener, “Diamonds in the Rough”, is a galloping, crunching beast of a song with Jeane’s voice grabbing you by the throat and shaking the living daylights out of you in the best way possible. Stirring stuff.

And the stirring continues with “My Evil Ways” which is slightly quicker and contains a great toe-tapping pacey chorus and a brief but nifty solo.

Long drawn out epics are clearly not The Nearly Deads’ modus operandi and so it proves as all the songs are 3 to 4-minute gems. That said, they do possess the ability to create feeling and emotion on each track, which is a neat trick.Nearly Deads

The sonic pleasures continue with “Not Listening” and “Revenge” which carry the banner well but the final two tracks provide a beautiful twist to proceedings.

Firstly, “Frequencies” is reminiscent of Evanescence at their breast clutching best. Not a ballad by any means, but emotive all the same.

Bringing Revenge Of The Nearly Deads to a mighty conclusion is “As Good As It Gets”. A quiet start had me believing a proper ballad was on its way only for the song to develop into a gut-puncher full of angst and anxiety.

May 26 is the date the EP is set to be released and I urge you to put it in your diary.




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