Neil Peart, David Lee Roth, and More Discussed on New Noize 8 – Ep390


We return this week to discuss all the latest happenings in the rock world with New Noize 8! The past couple weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions for many rock fans. We start things off on a somber note with a discussion on the recent passing of drum god Neil Peart. We share our thoughts on Rush, Neil’s legacy, and some of our favorite songs from the legendary Canadian trio.

David Lee Roth recently made news with a sad note about Eddie Van Halen as well as a controversial opening to his Las Vegas residency. We give our feelings on both of these stories and you might not like what we have to say. You’ve been warned.

Ozzy recently released another song from his upcoming album Ordinary Man. This time he’s joined by Elton John for the title track. What did we think of this tune? Listen and find out.

Additionally, we cover stories involving Dee Snider, Glen Danzig, KK Downing, and Robin McAuley.

It’s all the news that’s fit to spit with New Noize 8! Please SHARE with your friends and leave your comments below!

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