NEONFLY – Crowdfund New Album, The World Is Burning (News)


Neonfly: This World Is Burning

British power metal/AOR outfit Neonfly are working on a new album, their third, called This World Is Burning which they are asking fans to help finance via crowdfunding. It has been a few years since the band was active due to a number of reasons including breakdowns, breakups and the horror of being robbed whilst on the road losing not only all their gear but their money as well. If any band needed a boost and a bit of help it is definitely Neonfly. For the last 3 years, they have been working away in the background writing new music and now are looking to record what they have worked on. Going from the title track which they have made a video for, this should be a quality piece of work.

They cross genres a little, with some material having that power metal sound, at points symphonic and yet having great accessibility for those who like more AOR classic rock. The musicianship is top notch (check out the instrumental “Aztec Gold” from the album Strangers In Paradise as an example of that) and in singer Willy Norton they have a class act. Strong, versatile and clear. Through the years before all the problems, they toured with some great names including Alice CooperMagnumDragonforce and Sonata Artica. They have played festivals including the UK’s Bloodstock a number of years ago.

The band are offering some really good deals for those who wish to assist. Funders will receive an advance copy of the album when done which will be signed and dedicated the funder. They are also offering the chance of things like exclusive t-shirts which will never be reprinted. There will be cd and shirt bundles. Backers will get access to special Facebook pages which will have special updates and videos.

From being a funder you can get the chance to attend video shoots, be given VIP packages for headline shows (backstage, soundcheck, after show party) and if you have a big enough house or flat you could end up with one of the bands backdrops from the tours they did supporting other bands or indeed have the band round to do an acoustic show in your house (so get out the tea and biscuits!).

Plenty of chance to win things and be involved with the band going forward. For those who want to check the band out (if you don’t already know them) then there will be the new video on a link at the bottom of this news page.

Link To Crowd Fund The Album

Official Website / Facebook


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