The New Low – Continuance (Album Review)

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The-New-Low-Continuance-2016The New Low are an American Rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their debut album, Continuance, will see the light of day on July 22, 2016, thanks to the folks at Razor & Tie. Comprised of vocalist Garrett Garfield, bassist/vocalist Fletcher Howell, guitarist Chris Kim, guitarist Hiram Hernandez and drummer Corey Beaver, they are in the middle of a massive Vans Warped US tour at the moment so if you get a chance check them out.

By the time the guitars and vocals of the lead track come in I know I will like the record. The sound is fresh and exciting, Garfield‘s vocals are fantastic. In a great opener to Continuance, “Get What You Give” begins with an alluring intro and is filled with lots of tempo changes and great musicianship. Garrett has an incredible vocal range which is a breath of fresh air. “Burning Bridges” is next and it doesn’t let me down at all. What a great following number, the sound is very modern with some great growling in the chorus. The band themselves sound great throughout with great production. Like the other songs so far, “Move Along” has a nice vocal arrangement that builds up to a heavy chorus and nice gang vocals. “My Own Way” has a slightly heavier start and again I really love the vocals. This is a great sign for things to come if The New Low is the future of metal in the US. I believe this album to be a real gem . We are treated to a lovely vocal opening on “Afraid” and this song slows things down a little but doesn’t seem out of place on this album. “Break Free” ramps things up again. I love the opening guitar work as the song continues in and out of musical ups and downs. Another great song. We move onto “Continuance” which is a really melodic song with real heavy influences and a great brutal chorus. “Start Over” again slows things down but what a fantastic vocal effort on this number. After that awesome ballad, we find a nice instrumental track in “Momento Mori”. The album finishes with “Not Afraid” which carries on the great catchy songs we have heard up until now. You can just tell that The New Low would be a great live act and really get the crowd bouncing. This is a great way to finish the album.The New Low Band

To sum it up, I wasn’t sure what to expect when reviewing this album as I have never heard of The New Low. But after listening to it a few times now, this band is a real shining light for US music. They have a new fan in the UK now and I will definitely be telling all my friends about The New Low. They have it all: great musicians and a superb vocalist with catchy songs. What more could you ask for? The New Low is a must if you like discovering new bands. Go catch them on the Vans Warped Tour now!

Mark 9 out of 10


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