NIGHT DEMON – Darkness Remains (Album Review)


Night DemonVentura, California based metal outfit, Night Demon, return in 2017 with the band’s sophomore full-length studio effort, Darkness Remains. The new album is the follow up to their debut record, Curse Of The Damned, and is out on Century Media now. In addition to the releasing Darkness Remains, Night Demon are also embarking on a US tour supporting Anvil.

So the best way to describe way this band is the new wave of NWOBHM. I first heard of this band on Decibel Geek Podcast and have followed the band since, so I am very interested to hear what the new album sounds like.

The opener is “Welcome To The Night” it starts with a grand entrance then boom ? hits you right in the face with crunchy guitar riffs and an extremely catchy chorus a great opening track. We then move onto “Hallowed Ground” another great riff and powerful bass line. There is some wizardry on the guitar this will have you pumping your fist and shouting out loud.

“Maiden Hell” is a brutally fast song with some great work on the lyrics which are so fast yet all fits so well it’s got me banging my head and stomping my feet. “Stranger In The Room” is a lovely track slightly more plodding than the others but equally as magical and as close to a slow track as you will ever get from this power outfit.

“Life On The Run” is another belter with some glorious harmonies. “Dawn Rider” feels like a war anthem you could imagine hearing it in the background as you head out to battle .

“Black Widow” is another bruising track with some awesome guitar work and gang vocals. “On Your Own” has a great riff and as throughout the album the vocals are outstanding and gut-wrenching.

“Flight Of The Manticore” has a nod of the head to old Iron Maiden in this superb instrumental number. “Darkness Remains” is the title track and is a strange way to end the album proper in my eyes .

The first of the two covers is “We Will Rock You” (by Queen) and is a great cover done very differently and I really like it. Then comes “Turn Up The Night” (by Black Sabbath) again very fresh sounding they have done two great covers here and put their twist on them very entertaining.

This is great to see bands putting a new twist on that NWOBHM sound it’s like the band Diamond Head springs to mind only fresher more exciting and more modern . If you like metal that makes you want to pump your fist and stomp your feet, this is it folks.

Mark 9.5 out of 10

Colin “Starchild” Francis

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