NIGHTBREAK – Wicked Angel (Album Review)

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Nightbreak - Wicked AngelComing out of The Bronx New York City New York we have Nightbreak. Personally, I’m a little confused about this release. It arrived to me via download and came with no information. No worries I’m internet savvy. But I uncovered some conflicting info. According to the Encyclopaedia Metallum website, Nightbreak issued a demo in 2017 titled Wicked Angel. While that demo listed there displays the same title and cover art attached to my download, I seem to have almost twice as many songs. Eight vs. five on the Wicked Angel Demo.

Let’s see what Facebook has to say: Originally formed back in 1991 under the Wicked Youth moniker by guitarist & lead vocalist, Todd Verni. The band fell silent in the mid-90s and as of 2005, Verni decided it was time to return. Now named Nightbreak, the band has recorded albums Nightbreak (2007), Under Cover (2013) and Wicked Angel (2017). It seems that Nightbreak did also issue an 8 song EP titled Nightbreak in 2014 according to Encyclopaedia Metallum. With only Todd Verni listed under the band members section, it seems that Nightbreak is a one-man show of sorts.

NIGHTBREAK – Wicked Angel

Getting underway with “Dangerous” I quickly get an invocation of Harem Scarem courtesy of the opening vocal scream of “Yeah, yeah, yeah”. And trust me, if you like that Canadian band, then Nightbreak should be well in your wheelhouse. From there we race full tilt into the title track “Wicked Angel”. The guitar riff on this one is just what I like, a real chugger. Another catchy melodic rock composition of the highest order. There’s no reason that “Missing You” shouldn’t have been a real contender for “radio hit” in the late 80s. It’s got that appeal stamped all over it.

Track four is the band’s namesake and it simply rips. It’s got a little heavier groove to it and is a total standout that I could imagine myself rocking to, fist thrust high into the air in a live setting. I even feature it in an upcoming episode of my audio podcast (CGCM Podcast) but check out the video below for yourself. We get a few deep growls surfacing in “Long Way Down”, but make no mistake it’s still a melodic rock adventure.

“Lies” starts slow and mellow before erupting into possibly the heaviest rocker of the collection. Beginning with an epic feel to it, “Face in the Dirt” rocks the listener through to the closer. A cover of Michael Jackson‘s “Beat It” sits in the final slot.

Final Thoughts on NIGHTBREAK – Wicked Angel

A tasty slab of catchy melodic hard rock loaded with hooks and infectious choruses, Nightbreak‘s Wicked Angel rocks! With over 20,000 followers on the Nightbreak Facebook page, I’m obviously very late to the party and have some catching up to do! But better late than never. Thanks, Nightbreak and Todd Verni, I have been spinning Wicked Angel in my “commute to work playlist” for a couple of weeks and don’t see it leaving anytime soon!

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