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After a smashing success with last week’s NWOBHM episode, we thought we would return to tell you that what was great in the past is still great today thanks to some ambitious newer bands with resplendent taste in respectable music!


Aaron and Chris are back this week to celebrate and clue you into a movement that is helping continue the genre we all love! The New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal is exactly what it sounds like; young, hungry bands recapturing the big, epic sounds of the great bands from the late 70’s and 1980’s and exposing them to a new generation of metalheads.

NWOTHM Episode 193

The greats are not going to be around forever but with these NWOTHM bands carrying on their sound and attitude, the genre has continued life and will help fight the evil forces of Bieber and Riannah. In this hour-plus episode you’ll hear edgy, kickass metal from bands such as Chrome Division, Skull Fist, Toledo Steel, Crimson Fire, Hessler, Striker, Alpha Tiger, and many more. Enjoy the ride this week as we go back to the future with the NWOTHM and SHARE with a friend!

Geeks of the Week:

Dennis Gamez, Chris Karam, Dave Shirt, Marc Alden Taylor, Aaron Baker, Joe Royland, Brad Kalmanson, Ian Wadley (Rock & Metal Combat podcast), Bakko, Robin Bennett ($40.00 donation!), Cobras & Fire Podcast, Mike Stewart, Kenneth MacDonald, Derik Novak, Trevor McDougall, Scott Webb, Warren Money, Justin Ace Sixx, Paul Wozniak, Corey Nowlin, Matt Syverson, Greg McGlone, Miguel Nunez, Mike Blount, David Alpizar, Todd Cunningham, Steve True, Sit & Spin with Joe, Devin Fox, David Glynn, Rob Webb, Martin Wenham, Brandt Cattell, Brad Kanott, Jaguar (NWOBHM), The Rockin’ Donkey, All Over the Podcast, Podcasts are the Best, Billy Hardaway, Shawn Franklin, MusicMagsAndWax, Hoops, Jay (Motown Drummer), Colin Francis, Shauna Glass, Big Al Tate, The Swear, Kevin E. Williams, David Hudson, TJ Cullen, Pep Pep, The Terrance & Mark Experience, Eric Gaudet, Adam Cox, Nick Rose, PJ Brown

Featured Artist:

AlogiAOfficial Website

AlogiA Band

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Iron Curtain

Chrome Division


On Top


Crimson Fire

Skull Fist

Toledo Steel


Alpha Tiger

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