SINBREED – Shadows (Album Review)

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Oh how I love German power metal, and Sinbreed is no exception!

In late March of this year, German power metallers Sinbreed released their second album, Shadows. This album was four years in the making, and to my ears it was time well spent. Band leader and lead guitarist Flo Laurin has said that the time was used to craft better songs and to create more of a cohesive band sound. Sinbreed – Shadows as an album clearly accomplishes that, containing 10 punishing, uncompromising, power metal tracks that do not let up from start to finish.

SINBREED – Shadows (Album Review)

The album opens with the first single and video, “Bleed”. This track is the best single representation of the whole album. It has the non-stop driving force of constant double bass drumming, terrific speedy guitar leads, and fantastic soaring vocals from singer Herbie Langhaus. When I think of German power metal, I instinctively expect higher octave vocals, but Langhaus is not that type of singer. His range is lower with a sound very similar to that of Accept‘s Mark Tornillo. This style adds a darker, more agressive feel to the songs which takes them to another level sonically. ┬áNext song is “Call to Arms”, which is one of the faster songs on the album.
The title track “Shadows” is next, which is the darkest, heaviest song on the album. The next three songs “Reborn”, “Leaving the Road”, and “Far too Long” each have a unique characteristic that stands out to me. “Reborn” has some of the best vocals on it, “Leaving the Road” has great lead guitar work, and “Far Too Long” is probably the fastest song on the album. “Black Death” is the next song, and my favorite on the album. It opens with a killer guitar riff that carries throughout the whole song. “Broken Wings” has a great acoustic guitar opening, and “London Moon” is another solid metal tune. The album closes with the seven minute plus opus, “Standing Tall”. This is a terrific album closer that is a brutal assault on your senses.
All in all this is one of, if not the best metal release for me so far this year. If each song is worth one point then I would give this album 8 out of 10.

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