One of the Good Ones – Remembering Gary Corbett


“He’s one of the good ones.” That’s the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Gary Corbett. Having done the Decibel Geek podcast with Aaron Camaro for 10 years as well as running the ROCKNPOD Expo since 2017, I’ve met numerous music industry folks. Many of them were cordial, a few not so much, and only a small handful became actual real-life friends. Gary was, unquestionably, our favorite of those friends.

Gary came into our lives in late 2013 when he arrived at Aaron Camaro’s house to interview with us. Being an uber KISS nerd, I tracked him down and he agreed to come out and talk to these two weirdo podcasters about his time working with the band. Within 5 minutes of his arrival, we were cutting up like old friends. Gary regaled us with some amazing stories of working with the band and his deep friendship with Eric Carr. But, above all else, he was just “one of the good ones.” There was no ego, no diva attitude. He worked with many legendary artists outside of KISS including Cyndi Lauper, Lou Gramm, Cinderella, Ronnie Wood, and tons more yet he was as down to earth as they come.

gary corbett

The 2 part interview launched in January of 2014 and quickly became one of our most popular. Gary was always wide open with his stories and never minced words. From that point on, we looked for any excuse to bring him back on the show because, well, we just loved being around him and always had a great time talking to him. Gary would appear four more times on the podcast and we always had a blast with him.

Aside from the podcasts he appeared on, he would consistently cheer us on either through phone calls or text messages in between appearances. He selflessly was a part of every ROCKNPOD Expo we put on; always being amazing with the fans and podcasters that wanted to meet him. I was so excited to have him back this year after Covid forced us to cancel the 2020 event. Sadly, we won’t get that chance but his presence will be there for sure. ROCKNPOD 2021 is dedicated to the memory of Gary Corbett.

I’ll never forget getting a ride home from Gary after one of our podcast recording sessions. I had opened to him about internalizing stress and having a hard time not beating myself up over things. He looked at me and said “Chris, you can’t keep doing that to yourself. Eric did the same thing and I’m convinced it contributed to his early passing. You have to be happy with you and not blow things out of proportion. Life is good. You should enjoy it.” I still have my low moments but always feel better when I think back on Gary’s advice. I’ll continue to try to live by his example.

I know I echo Aaron Camaro’s sentiments when I say that Gary Corbett was truly “one of the good ones.” Talented writer, musician, and performer. But, above all else, an incredible human being that showed love for others. The world is definitely a little darker without him in it. We’re going to miss him immensely.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife Lenora, his sister Mindy, and the entire Corbett/Cohen family as well as fans, friends, and musicians that were lucky enough to have him in their lives. Rest easy, Gary. You’ve definitely left your mark.

– Chris Czynszak


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