OWL COMPANY – Horizon (Album Review)

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Owl Company - HorizonBrazil is famous for a lot.  Olympic pools filled with feces.  That Jesus statue in Rio.  Sepultura.  And anytime I hear Sao Paulo I think KISS’ last show (pre-reunion) with make up.  It turns out there is this blistering sludge rock southern metal band called Owl Company spreading it’s wings and flying out of that same city.  I almost don’t believe this is a band from a non-English speaking country.  I read the press release and still did a web search to confirm.  This band that sounds like the best thing to come out of Texas since Pantera is from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

As a writer it’s kind of cool getting to hear records before they are released.  And every now and then an album comes along that drops your shorts in a way that makes the neighbor peeking in your window aroused.  Owl Company‘s Horizon is one of those records.

How would I describe this record?  Loud.  Groovy.  Metal.  American!  The world is shrinking if this is what a band from Brazil sounds like.  Heavy fucking metal.  The record opens with the cleverly titled “Intro” which is a weird riffer jam with the sound of police sirens off to arrest Ryan Lochte.  Leading into the opening song “Celebrate and Kneel” which is good enough to name your first born after.  These guys aren’t fucking around.  Prepare for metal.

The song “Play With Fire” is killer.  “Riddles” is one of those signature songs I predict we will all be chanting with fists in the air at festivals soon.  “Deathrow” reminds you they are still a killer rock band.  The otherwise great track “Black N Blue” opens with the dated “recorded in a paper towel tube” sound.  Any doubt they are better than that is erased with the song “Caged Emotions”.  This band is no joke.  They say their goal is to take their music to the world and become internationally known.  Something tells me they are closer than they think.

Horizon drops July 14th.  Buy It!

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