PAINFUL PRIDE – Lost Memories (February 17, 2017)

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Decades in the making, Lost Memories – the first album of Painful Pride, the best-hidden secret of the Swedish hard rock/melodic metal scene – will finally see the light of the day. Painful Pride was formed in 1983, and they were active until 1987. Later on, the band played occasional live shows in 1988 and 1999. In 2009 the band decided to record more songs, and in 2013 Painful Pride returned with full force, and with their best line up. Lost Memories is a soundtrack of passion, dreams, and nostalgia.

If you like bands such as Europe, Praying Mantis, Rainbow or Def Leppard, check them out!

The band is clearly excited about their upcoming release, “Our dear friends! The album Lost Memories will be released in 2017, not even Def Leppard could release Hysteria in three years! This album will be one of the most honest metal albums released in decades. This album is a tribute to all true hard rock fans out there (like us). This is an album we’re proud of, and not a single stone is unturned. Rock on!”

  1. “Visions”
  2. “A Thousand Lies”
  3. “Into The Fire”
  4. “Heal Me”
  5. “Sands Of Time”
  6. “What You Give Is What You Get”
  7. “Somewhere”
  8. “Fires”
  9. “Die For Me”
  10. “Lost Memories”

    Painful Pride in their pomp

Lost Memories is released on much-respected metal label No Remorse Records, who are happy to release the album worldwide.

Painful Pride line-up:

Peter Ljungqvist – Vocals
Örjan Härdig – Guitars
Tommy Carlström – Guitars
Peter Nilsson – Bass
Mathias Pettersson – Drums

Having been fortunate enough to have a sneaky preview of the album I can confirm all the boasts of the band.

The disc is rock-hard, heavy, full of catchy riffs and great solos. It may hark back to a bygone era but in no way is it outdated.

Watch this space for a full album review coming shortly.




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