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PERPETUA – To Suffer (EP Review)


Perpetua - To Suffer

Edinburgh-based and Decibel Geek-approved metal outfit Perpetua (Click here for live review) are releasing a brand new EP called To Suffer on Saturday, March 9, 2019, at an EP launch gig  (they have set up a 4 band bill for it) in their home town in the club known as Opium. Here at Geek, we are lucky to have an advance copy to tell you a bit about what to expect from the EP.

All 4 tracks are riff-heavy, with some thunderous drumming and powerfully screamed out vocals to rattle the brain. There are also moments where the fury is reigned in and allows the listener to catch a breath as well as to show off some diversity in touch and vibe. The opening and title track comes out all guns blazing. No mucking about. Drum rolls, riff then an almighty scream leading into a slighter slower more grinding riff, until it speeds up again. There is a hint of Queensryche during one of the slower sections, well at least musically. The pacing is excellent, with neat changes of pace and mood.  The guitar solo comes almost as a surprise being so melodious, certainly after the “God save me” section.  The ending comes with a frenetic riff and a drum roll! Lovely! I heard this when I saw them last year but it seems even better than I remember it. Maybe they have tweaked it or I didn’t listen hard enough.

The second song “Corrupt” has some first class drumming on it. Stephen Dickson plays a blinder on drums (he is good throughout) and I love his work on this.  Not to be left behind bassist Jack Sandilands joins in by taking center stage before the main guitar solo to show off his abilities. There are plenty of changes of pace to work the neckPerpetua muscles properly. The guitar solo itself has a slightly Middle Eastern feel to it again adding a little twist to what they do.

“Left Desolate” is slightly more restrained to the other songs, not to say that it isn’t heavy still. The tone on the guitar playing the opening guitar part is sweet (all the while the drums just speed up beside it). Seems when the vocals are harsh the music is less so, yet when the clearer harmonies are used the music gets heavier. Melodious and crushing at the same time.

They finish with “State Of Torment” which is possibly the heaviest track on the EP. Tight and powerful throughout and with the sort of riffing that causes mosh pits! The slower more incessant part is a good change of pace in the song and is guaranteed to cause neck ache at gigs.

I know I have mentioned “riffs” a lot, but this is full of them. With powerful drumming and some very pleasing guitar work and solos (from both Andy Dickson and Kieran Johnston) and on the whole pretty clear vocals from Jack Gordon there is something to appreciate and enjoy from anyone who loves heavier music and metal in general. It is HEAVY but still accessible for those who enjoy more old school metal.

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