POKERFACE – Game On (March 31, 2017)

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Female-fronted metal band Pokerface are set to release their 3rd studio album Game On, available from March 31st on M-O-Music.

Originating from Moscow Russia, Pokerface were formed in 2013. Following line-up changes, the band overcame the obstacles of establishing themselves in the female fronted metal scene and are now releasing their 3rd studio album Game On this March 2017.  With a unique style reminiscent of bands like Arch Enemy and Kreator the band has shared the stage with the likes of Slayer, Testament, and Sodom amongst many others. Their music is characterized by heavy riffs and a combination of clean and brutal vocals.

Game On is not your ordinary album; It consists of 10 tracks in line with the core theme of ‘chance’. The album provides an insight into how we deal with opportunities and how we face our inner fears. It is inspired by the concept of self-development and that the easiest choice is not always the right choice.

The hero of the album does not ‘break’ in light of social pressure and chooses the high road, the path less taken. Now trapped in a whirlpool of greed, fear, and betrayal his problems surface as monsters which pursue him into the depths of his subconscious. He plays with fire and the demons inside him lead him to the loss of everything he has earned throughout his life. Trapped in a labyrinth with no beginning and no exit the realization that our very own person is the route to salvation does not come as a surprise. The album communicates to the listener that until we remember who we really are our demons will haunt us until we take control of our own destiny and live as autonomous individuals.

Founder member Oles “Doctor” Pisarenko

Pokerface line-up:
Alexandra “LadyOwl” Orlova – Vocal
Alina “Xen Ritter” Kuzmina – Guitar
Oles “Doctor” Pisarenko – Drums
Dmitry “Ded Moroz” Morozov – Bass

Game On track listing:

1 – “The Bone Reaper”
2 – “The Fatal Scythe”
3 – “Play Or Die”
4 – “Blackjack”
5 – “Straight Flush”
6 – “Cry. Pray. Die.”
7 – “Creepy Guests”
8 – “Bow! Run! Scream!”
9 – “Jackpot”
10 – “Game On”



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