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POSITIVE NOIZE – New Christian Rock Label Launched


POSITIVE NOIZE – Rockfest Records Launched

There’s a new music label on the scene and it has the potential to be a game changer in the world of Christian hard rock/metal.  It was announced that Joseph Rojas, lead vocalist for the band Seventh Day Slumber, had officially launched Rockfest Records as a division of Nashville Label Group LLC (March 19, 2018). The company name was inspired by the annual City Rockfest Tour, which features many popular hard rock Christian bands.  Furthermore, a Facebook page and website have also been created for fans to find the latest information.


Rockfest Records unveiled a solid lineup that includes Rojas‘ own band, Seventh Day Slumber.  In addition, The Persuaded, Random Hero, Amongst the Giants and Zahna have joined. In addition, it announced (in the last week) that The Protest had signed with the label. Each band has assured their fans they can expect new releases, singles and albums to be pushed to both Christian and secular markets soon.

Rockfest Records explained their mission in a March 29, 2018 Facebook post. “While everyone in the Christian Rock music industry is searching for bands that can live just on the edge of Christianity in order to still sell records to a Christian fan base, there are bands out here who really walk this Jesus thing out everyday with ZERO recognition. My hope and mission is to let THEIR voices be heard! Let their message and their songs be played upon the highest mountain. Let healing begin with a VOICE of TRUTH! No more will we sit back and watch this industry be prostituted for personal gain.”

Overall, this is all huge news for Christian rock/hard rock/metal fans, as many of the bands in this genre have turned to crowd funding recent releases.  Major labels often assign them to tiny divisions that are ill-equipped to adequately promote the artists. Furthermore, you can find tons of talented bands that are worthy of recognition, if you know where to look.  Therefore, this move could bring more exposure and fans to them. It is impossible to know how well the label will be received, as this endeavor is only now getting off the ground.  However, it is exciting news nonetheless.

Burtonwood Records

Furthermore, Rojas launched Burtonwood Records earlier this year. This label is geared more towards the contemporary/worship side of Christian music. Overall, the venture will be distributed in conjunction with New Day Christian Distributors.

Stay tuned! There will be several new Christian hard rock/metal albums coming your way this year.  Therefore, I encourage you to take a listen to these artists and see them on tour if they play near you.


Metal Mama

Rockfest Records website/Facebook

Seventh Day Slumber website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube

The Persuaded Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube

Random Hero website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube

Amongst the Giants Facebook/Twitter

Zahna website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube

The Protest website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube



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