Prevail I by Kobra And The Lotus Album Review


Kobra and the Lotus Prevail IPrevail I is the first part of a two-part album release by Kobra and The Lotus. The album begins with the opening track “Gotham” which eases us into the album with a melodic guitar riff and elegant vocals. It has elements of hard rock, but also symphonic metal, reminding me of bands such as Nightwish as it heads into a heavy verse. Right away, I am hooked. Next, we have “Triggerpulse”, the first single off of the album, which has been stuck in my head for days! Kobra Paige gives her all with the powerful vocals on the choruses and the driving guitar riffs do not disappoint. The album contains a variety of heavy and soft elements, but mostly this is combined within a song, making each track very unique and dynamic, something that is not always seen on metal albums. Lyrically, Prevail I covers many topics, such as dealing with emotional pain and internal struggle but also carries a message of hope amongst some of the darker lyrics. “Victim” is one of my personal favorites in terms of the lyrics, touching on the subject of how we all tend to feel sorry for ourselves at some point, and why we need to stop doing so because we all face tough times in life. “Check The Phyrg” is the only instrumental track on the album, which includes some shredding solos for all you guitarists out there.

Kobra and the Lotus

My absolute favorite track from this album is “You Don’t Know”. Beginning with the lines “Did you ever think for a second, I’m only human too? You have no perception of all the struggles that I have been through”, right away you can tell this is going to be an emotionally-driven song. In my recent interview with Kobra Paige (link below), she discussed how she likes to write from her own perspective, as well as that of others. That truly comes through in this song, as she talks about how everyone is fighting their own battle, and we cannot judge others because we don’t know what they are facing or how things are going to affect them. With mental health such an important topic these days, this song is truly inspiring for anyone facing personal struggles.

Overall, this is a very strong album and I cannot wait for part two!

Kobra Paige Talks Writing Process, Touring, and More! (Interview)

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