PRION – Aberrant Calamity (February 22, 2019)


Erupting from the warped heart of chaos they come; a roaring, screaming, slithering mass of nightmares. Exploding through the walls of sleep they ravage your defenseless mind with visions twisted beyond comprehension. They tear down the doors which guard your sanity, they let loose every childhood fear kept locked away in darkness and drown your dreams in terror. And when your desperate cries and their screams of bloodlust become one, when the massacre of your sanity is mirrored in the agonized contortions of your body, in that moment you will understand the true meaning of Aberrant Calamity!

From the humble beginnings of their ’99 Corpse Dissection demo to their gargantuan Uncertain Process album, Prion have been developing their weaponry, honing their skills and edging ever further from the path into the uncharted wild woods of barbarity. Now, after nearly four years obscured from sight, lost in the mists of silence, they have returned, bringing with them their most formidable work to date.

Aberrant Calamity is the sound of massive, irreparable damage, a sonic vision of a brutalized reality. This fourth full-length album from the diseased Argentinean death machine consumes you like uncontrollable spontaneous combustion, igniting on impact with your eardrums. To be exposed to the bone grinding horror of songs like “Pathological Self Destruction” and “I Remembered To Breathe” is to be incinerated from within. Aberrant Calamity is the first Prion album to feature new drummer Flavio Coscarella and his breathtaking speed and skill behind the kit has definitely helped lift the band’s music to new levels of demonic insanity.

Scheduled for a February 22nd, 2019 release through Comatose Music, the home of death metal’s most malicious monsters, Aberrant Calamity will be the standard of brutality to which others will aspire. Prion have returned and there will be nowhere you can hide. There will be no safe spaces and no sanctuary from these decimators of dreams.

Check out the video below for “Observed Reality” from the album.



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