PROPHETS OF ADDICTION – Nothing But the Truth (Album Review)


Prophets of Addiction - Nothing But the TruthProphets of Addiction are the U.S. sleaze rockers many see as pretenders to the Guns ‘n’ Roses throne; the same punky outlook, the same raspy vocals and fuck you attitude.

Nothing But the Truth is, however, a departure from the norm, more by necessity than design.

The band usually consists of Lesli Sanders on bass and vocals, G.G. on guitar and Wayne Stokely on drums. Following a lengthy illness which sadly rendered Wayne incapable of fulfilling live commitments, Lesli and G.G. decided to continue performing as an acoustic duo. When Wayne’s illness showed no sign of abating, they decided to record an album of their acoustic work resulting in Nothing But the Truth.

This is very much a stop-gap album and Prophets of Addiction hope to have the fighting fit drummer back in the fold soon.

The band have certainly lived their lives whilst they’ve been in the business for a decade or two, and Sanders possibly more than most. The well-worn path from Hollywood to addiction was eagerly taken along with, thankfully, the journey to sobriety. The topic is covered in detail on Nothing But the Truth with ample references amongst Prophets of Addictiontales of loss, remorse and regret.

Sonically, the album is stripped bare but still has sleaze dripping from its every note. Sanders sounds so laid back he’s almost comatose, which I daresay is how he spent a lot of his time in a previous life.

G.G.’s guitar work fits perfectly and if he hasn’t got a cigarette hanging from his mouth then it will surely be stuck in his guitar’s headstock.

It’s hard to pick out any highlights as the tracks do tend to meld into one, albeit a very enjoyable one. Imagine Guns ‘n’ Roses releasing an album full of “Used to Love Her” and you get the picture.

Having said that, hat’s off to the guys for their determination and willingness to put out such a record. We wish the band, and Wayne in particular, well.

Nothing But the Truth is out now on Highvolmusic.

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