Punk Night at Bucket of Blood: 63 Monroe

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The Old Vic Punk Night - 63 MonroePunk Night at the former “Bucket of Blood” the Old Vic Tavern.

Ok I was committed to going to this after reading the above posted online. To be honest I was already making sure to be there as one of our favourite bands; 63 Monroe would be playing.

I wasn’t committed to writing about the show, rather just plain old rockin’ out, alas a couple weeks later and my mind is still flashing back to the event with solid mental notes. That or I am just solidly mental. Is that offside to say these days? Oh well I am writing about punk music so up yours if it does I suppose.

On a beautiful Saturday evening in May we entered the part of town known as Soho (south of Horton in this town, rather than the more infamous Houston in the much bigger town). The bands were starting at 8pm so we could get there while still light out. This district has its reputation. The Old Vic also had a rep in its nickname the “Bucket of Blood” for many decades. Located in an old factory area it is where many of those workers would finish their day drinking their pay away, and fighting. The old way of settling workplace issues. Alas a new owner and some nice renovations, who would have expected linen tablecloths and napkins at a tavern for a punk night. Nice!

Now for the talent. Taking the stage first was Mirage. A threesome that played some originals and some covers from Nirvana and Green Day. Some talent here for sure.

Next was Skeleton Soap Opera….not what I was expecting. A sort of folk fusion of punk, and so many songs about fishing or was I hearing incorrectly. That said they had a couple originals I liked….but not that folk stuff.

Up next, Bath Salts which featured a band member we are quite familiar with as a bass player in another band that plays covers. Here he was front and centre on a Les Paul and vocals, and he killed it! Love this music.

Now we are in for the treat of the evening at the ripe strike of midnight; 63 Monroe. My wife and I cannot get enough of this penultimate punk rock n’ roll band. My God how you have blessed us with these musicians. They have the stage presence of playing for a massive crowd yet connect with a tavern/club audience every single time. Steven R Stunning once again delivers on vocals and said stage presence. Brian was in his perfect home zone a little off stage and behind the pillar. When he peeked out to play to his amp, it is pure magical musical amusement. As for Pete on bass, and vocals as well, his stage jumps always delight as does the playing of the music. My wife and I were touched that as a prelude to their final song which Pete sings, he said a few words of appreciation to their favourite Decibel Geek, thanks man! Pete is as sincere to punk rock as I can think of.

UPDATED CLIP introducing “High on Rebellion” since I missed recording Pete’s ode to Decibel Geek during this show, so here it is, the ode to all DGs everywhere from a show at The Richmond on July 8th:

Starbucket completed the show and had a cool sound and I for one appreciated the matching back patch jackets. I didn’t catch all of their songs since we were talking up the 63 Monroe guys.

Hats off to whoever put together this night, and the venue itself, Mike Small the owner seemed to enjoy the night and the patrons as well. Well done! Now let me tell you how the early a.m. departure from the Old Vic went. Without incident. Not that I expected any to be honest with you, I have ventured into the bowels of Toronto, NYC, St. Louis, Detroit, Kings Cross and many other areas of the world, to catch some entertainment of sorts. Never had an issue anywhere so far, it is worth the show in my experience.

  • Blair De Abreu

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