PYTHIA – The Solace of Ancient Earth (May 17, 2019)

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Pythia - The Solace of Ancient EarthBeneath the grey shades of a civilization that has all but run its course, beneath the concrete and steel, the grime that obscures our all but forgotten souls and sleeping hearts, a light still shines. It shines from beyond the gateways to places of wonder and dreams; from realms of a grand story where love, passion, agony and loss, great emotions are still deeply felt and the human spirit still knows there are ideals worth dying for. It’s a place of endless possibilities for the brave, where our minds and imaginations can still burn unchecked, not dulled by an existence with no hope and no distant horizons to explore. The doors to the light are slowly closing, but Pythia hold them ajar, summoning fellow dreamers through the blinding black smoke…

Pythia‘s music has always been an enchanting tapestry of sound, weaving threads of vibrant color around the listener and transporting them to worlds of drama and excitement. They have lead us through broken paradises and fields of yellow roses, over moon touched mountains and under dark stars. Now they are calling once again, offering us The Solace Of Ancient Earth. The powerful, bewitching voice of dark angel Sophie Dorman sings of sorrows and heroism, final stands and dark deceits while guitars spin golden strands of melody over swathes of symphonic majesty and brooding thunder. Let “Black Wings” carry you aloft upon its surging riffs, feel the exhilarating rush of “Hold Of Winter” and be left breathless by the storm of emotions summoned by “Crumble To Dust”.¬†Pythia

More than four years have passed since Pythia‘s last album, the remarkable Shadows Of A Broken Past and they have returned with magic more potent and powerful than ever before. Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Doro, Kamelot) and adorned in the intricate, hand-drawn artwork of Freya Brown every element of The Solace Of Ancient Earth has seen Pythia reaching stunning new heights. Be ready when the call comes and let Pythia remind you how it feels to be alive!

While your waiting for the album’s release check out a vid from the past below.

Pre-order: The Solace of Ancient Earth




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