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Queen Simmonz (former bassist for PRISS) interview


What were the circumstances that led to you becoming Queen Simmonz (Gene Simmons) in the all female KISS tribute band PRISS?

My friends Judy Cocuzza and Sharon Needles wanted to started a female tribute to KISS and they asked me to be the “Gene”. I thought that it would be fun to work with the girls and a good way to make some extra dough.

What are some of your favorite KISS/Gene songs to play and why?

Hmmm… I like “Rock And Roll All Nite” because it has a great chorus. The song is also upbeat and people love to sing along to it.

What are some of your favorite KISS albums/songs and why?

To be honest, I am really not that big of a KISS fan. I can’t use the words favorite and KISS in the same sentence and be sincere about it.

Did Gene or any of the other KISS members ever see you perform as Queen Simmonz? If so, did they give you any feedback on your performance and/or portrayal of Gene?

No, but Nick Simmons and Shannon Tweed did. They loved my performance. Nick went on and on about how Queen Simmonz is the best that he’s seen as Gene. He was super sweet and told me that I have all of Gene’s moves down perfectly.

How long were you in PRISS?

I think that I was in PRISS for about a year.

Why are you no longer in PRISS?

Times change and people want different things. I think our goals for the band changed. I was more interested in using the idea to propel other projects and make money. With cover bands, that’s all you can do. When the band was founded, that was the consensus. Later on though, things changed, I believe.

What is your current professional and personal relationship with the member of PRISS?

We are friends. Always have been, always will be. Judy also plays with me in Evil Beaver and we’ve toured Australia, Europe and are now going to Alaska together in May.

Have you seen PRISS perform with Andrea Zermeno as Gene? If so, what’s your opinion of her performance and portrayal of Gene?

No, I have not yet seen her perform. I am sure that she is great though.

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