More Rare Hare with Tyson Leslie – Ep311


Vixen keyboardist and friend of the show Tyson Leslie returns for More Rare Hare. Now in it’s sixth installment, the Rare Hare series of concerts have become a favorite of Nashville concert-goers. Incredible players from across the board perform deep cuts and favorites from the heady days of the 80’s. Moreover, the playing is coming from members of some of your favorite bands.

More Rare Hare Tyson Leslie Decibel Geek

More Rare Hare


In this long form talk, Tyson gives us the details on the upcoming concert that features Enuff Z’nuff kicking off the night with a set of tunes. Additionally, he tells us about his new gig with Vixen. Coupled with his experiences with The Big Rock Show, Tyson’s tenure in Vixen has put him into some surreal scenarios. In fact, his multiple “pinch me” moments make for some entertaining discussion. Moreover, Tyson has some great stories of his piano bar job and some strange song requests. Finally, we finish off with a playout track by Vixen of Tyson’s choice.

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iTunes Review:

Funny, honest, from the heart 🤘

by tom b. NJ on Jan 26, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

These guys are part of my weekly routine. They connect with their listeners and….they care. It’s a mutual love of hard rock and metal. Subscribe. Today. Keep it going guys!!

Facebook Review:

Robert Sedler reviewed Decibel Geek Podcast — 5 star

February 1 at 4:59pm ·

I started listening to podcasts in early 2017 and immediately went looking for a decent rock/metal show. I found a few that were forgettable, and a few that were downright awful. I stumbled upon Decibel Geek and noticed that they had an entire episode dedicated to the mighty Y&T. I said to myself, “OK, this is worth checking out”.

I love being right, and boy was I ever right.

These guys freakin’ GET IT. They cover a wide spectrum of everything that rocks, and have a good knowledge of some obscure bands that never get enough love. They live what they love, and you can tell that their love for the genre is as real as it gets.

Keep it up guys. You’ve got a great show, and you’ve got a listener for life. \m/

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