REECE – Resilient Heart (Album Review)


Resilient Heart under the moniker of Reece is the latest solo album from singer David Reece. David will of course always be associated with the mighty Accept and their album Eat the Heat. However, David has been the frontman of many bands, most notably German band Bonfire. In fact, David Reece has released or been a part of an album release every year since 2008. How is that for prolific!

Releasing on November 9th, 2018 on Mighty Music/Target Group, Resilient Heart is a collaboration with Danish producer and songwriting team of Marco Angioni and Martin Jepson Andersen. While both Angioni and Andersen play guitar on the album bass is provided by Malte Frederik Burkert and drumming by Sigurd J Jensen. Resilient Heart can be described as a blend of hard rock and heavy metal with a strong melodic sensibility. I enjoyed every song on this album.

Opening track and lead single is “Anytime At All”. This song really gets your attention and lets you know this is a serious hard rock album. Check out the video below.

“Wicked City Blues” is not quite as heavy, but really delivers a melodic chorus. “Karma” offers another great riff and melodic chorus, but track four, “Desire” is a true heavy rock gem. From the driving guitar riffage to the pounding of the drums this song really makes you want to bang your head. It is my favorite on the album.

“I Don’t Know Why” slows things down a bit with its acoustic guitar opening. That does not last long as quickly a rocking guitar riff kicks in. Throughout this song, the tempo rises and falls which offers a lot of dynamics. Two Coins and a Dead Man” really pops you on the nose with a heavy guitar riff then transitions into a really nice melodic riff. Ain’t Got the Balls” might be written about somebody who doesn’t have balls, but this song is anything but.

“Forest Through the Trees” is the ballad of the album. This song is moving, powerful, and delivered with passion and emotion. A standout track for sure. Perfect Apocalypse” really encapsulates the best parts of this album. It is heavy, melodic, and epic with terrific playing throughout. If I was to pick one song that sums up the album for the this would be the track. Resilient Heart finishes as strong as it started. Live Before You Die” is a great melodic track that you cannot get out of your head, and  I’m the One” closes the album in a very heavy, almost sludgy way.

I really love this album and strongly recommend it to fans of melodic rock, but really any fan of hard rock or heavy metal is going to like this album. It has taken me from knowing David Reece to really wanting to dig into his back catalog starting with Sainted Sinners. If every song were worth a point of would give this record 9 out of 11.  Please support Reece by buying this record!






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