REIGN OF BULLETS – Course of Destruction (TBA 2019)

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REIGN OF BULLETS has now completed the writing process. They are about to enter the studio to record 11 new tracks for the debut album.

The album will be released in 2019 via Profane Records. The exact release date will soon be announced.


1.     Thunder and lightning
2.     Spread my wings
3.     The course of destruction
4.     Love (killed by a friend)
5.     The Path
6.     Bliss
7.     Year of the damned
8.     Reign of bullets
9.     Bleeding
10.   Russian Roulette
11.    Perpetual

Reign of Bullets started with Sonny (guitar) and Kevin (drums). Together they were in a thrash metal band called Electric Chair (2006). After a while Kevin met Dyon (bass) at a music clinic in which Kevin and Dyon were both teachers. After a few years Electric Chair fell apart.

Kevin, Dyon and Sonny started to team up and formed Secrets II Eternity. A band which already started to sound more like the sound we have today, only with a more pop vibe. Secrets II Eternity broke up Kevin and Sonny started a new band in which they played covers from Guns ’n Roses. This is when Quint (vocals) came into the picture. After a few rehearsals, they figured out that playing covers wasn’t going to be what they wanted to do. So, they started a new band only this time they were short of a guitar player. They needed one for the thick metal-like sound, melodies and harmonies. This is when Martijn joined us. Martijn is an old friend of Sonny and had his background in the black metal scene. At first we started off with a bunch of old songs from the old band Secrets II Eternity and after a while the group started writing new music. Influenced by bands like: Avenged Sevenfold, Machine Head, Pantera and Iron Maiden, only they tried to give it more of our own twist and feels. Kevin and Dyon give it more of a metalcore sound as rhythmic section while Sonny and Martijn play more harmonies and melodies. Quint on the other hand has the high pitch screams and hardcore like vocals which was a diversity they have never heard of before. After a while of writing the group figured out that we were going to write our songs about everything that they stand for in life. And that includes a lot of things said by politicians and what they think is wrong or right about what they are saying. That’s how they wrote the song “Reign of Bullets”. They decided that should be our band name. In 2017 we released Reign E.P. and that was the first step towards a new beginning.



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